Monday, February 08, 2010


Ever since I spotted these blocks of color on other photographer's website....I wanted to make them.

I tried to make them myself. Searched around google and youtube for a tutorial on how to make them in photoshop, but I didn't find what I was looking for.

Just last week Jodi from MCP actions wrote and asked if I would like to try her new set of Finish It actions.

I stopped by her website to see what they were all about, and I spotted color blocks. Not used the way I had in mind....but I was able to adjust them a little and create what I was wishing to create!

MCP-Finish It

Those color blocks are intended to place your Logo in.

(Mine is being created and I just got some more proofs in the email this morning!!! I am so excited!!)

The other really sweet feature that I will use A LOT is the resizing button!

I did not have to recrop these images. I just pushed a button and they were ready to be uploaded.
Such a sweet time saver!

So Thanks Jodi for this great tool. I'm so glad you can figure out what I can't :o)

DSC_2691-39 copy

DSC_2617-2 copy

Oh new logo will look so gorgeous on these color blocks!!!


Raise your hand if you thought the Colts vs. Saints game is Super Boring?


We watched "Away We Go" this weekend.

Some hilarious writing in this movie. Alison Janny (sp) utters the most outrageous lines
I have heard in a long time. Hangover worthy, if you get my drift.

Forgive me Father for I have laughed.

The young couple visits a few cities to see where they would like to live when their baby arrives.
The visit to Madison was so funny! They are, however, not really in Madison.

Did it drive anyone else crazy that My Big Fat Greek Wedding was supposed to be in Chicago and it was filmed in Canada?
That dumb decision really drives me crazy.

Any way.

Away we go is sweet and funny.
It is rated R for 'situations' and swear words.
Just a heads up.



Yesterday afternoon we took a drive. I have wanted to take pictures of this sign for a long time.
We were looking for another one and didn't find it. I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Encourage one another,

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