Thursday, February 04, 2010

DSC_2796-4 copy
(can you see the dove?)

With the call time for Blessed Varieties bumped up to 5:45 and
Destination Imagination ending at 4:30 Katie and I decided to stay in Madison for a little bite to eat
instead of driving home.

I am like the horse in the song Trail Ride. The song is about a trail ride on a horse called Homesick.
Homesick walks oh so slowly when he is walking away from the barn,
but when they turn toward home, he walks faster and faster until he is galloping.
He just really likes to go home.

Yup. You can call me Homesick.

But we stayed anyway because even I knew it was crazy to drive an hour to be at home for 15 minutes.

So we went to Noodles on University and hung out there.
They had Dr. Pepper.
And I had my camera.

Lucky for you. oh yeah.

I had just bought a dry erase board for Katie so she was delighted to draw on it for the whole time.
Seriously she was so distracted she could hardly eat.


I was mesmerized by her bracelet.



Bracelet bokeh! Oh man. I wasn't even trying!



Check out that luscious condiment caddy of bokeh.


We make a good team.

We heard this song at Noodles.
I love this kind of guitar playing.

This morning I listened to all the words and Johnny,
I've just got to say,

Make the best of the ride.

And can I take your picture?

Encourage one another,

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