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After church on Saturday evening we drove over to the West Towne mall to meet Emma and her
friend Candice. They were shopping for some skinny jeans. Emma is a very good shopper and goes right to the sale
rack. She found a pair for $30. This is a great price if you are not in the know about jeans for young ladies.

It is very common for jeans to cost in the hundreds.....cough. cough.

I am so thankful that Emma is a bargain hunter. It took me years and years before I gained any frugal thinking so I am glad that Emma is starting out that way. It's a very good quality, in my opinion.

Anyway. We ended up paying for the jeans cause Patrick is generous and kind.

What cha gonna do?

Patrick and Katie and Emma grabbed a quick bite at the food court.
MacDonald's and Taco Bell.

Here's the thing about the Mall on Saturday night.

This is a whole new phenomenon in my little world.

First of all, the mall was not open on Saturday nights for most of my life.
But, they are open now and it looks like Christmas at the West Towne Mall on Saturday nights, now!

Maybe people went to movies on Saturday nights and now that is too expensive so they head over to the mall for some cheap food and window shopping.

But then there is the Apple store.
The recession proof, totally crowded Apple store.
How can so many people, that have so little money, spend so much at the Apple store?

I digress.

I wanted to tell you a funny story about the mall.

A week and a half ago I got a phone call from Stephie.
She was in town and happened to be heading to the Apple store.

With Katie's schedule and Steph's schedule, Steph and I had an hour to meet.
So we met at the mall with a big warm hug.
Steph and I have become friends because of this blog. I actually knew who she was,
but she didn't know me. Steph has a beautiful voice and is gifted at leading worship.
I went to a church for a few years at the beginning of the decade, and Steph was leading worship.
So that's how I knew her.

We have grown to be friends thru this blog. She is a devoted poster in the comments section.

So we went to the food court to grab a drink and find a nice place to talk for the hour.
Now, you know, we had a lot to cover.
Serious, important things to discuss.

And as we are talking, listening, concentrating on the important things,
some hip-hop wanna-be start singing. In my ear.

A group of young guys have parked themselves on the other side of the half wall
where we have planted ourselves and they are singing. Loudly.

I don't know what you call their singing. It was high sounding and an attempt at harmony.... and not a song I had ever heard....must have been an original. ha.
And I probably could have listened to Steph, had they not been singing into my right ear. But they were.

I don't think Steph was as distracted as I was, she could see them and was rather amused.
Had we had time we could have listened and enjoyed the show.

But, we moved on to a distant spot at the food court to speed talk for a few more minutes!

What a joy to get together with friends. In person.
My friend Lynn and I were able to get together for a few hours this weekend and I really think
in person communication is the best thing since sliced bread.

I don't get a whole lot of time with friends in person.

And this blog is so much about me....

It's such a joy to know more about you all.

One on one is my favorite way to communicate.
Looking into your eyes and hearing about your life.

Man. That's the real deal. I love that.

So thanks for calling me and asking me to meet you Steph.

I loved every second of our short visit together, even the hip-hop moments.

And Lynn...what a delight to see you again. It's been a long, long time.

Until we all get that chance to meet face to face,
the comment box will have to do.

And it's a darn fine comment box at that.

Best one on the Internet.

Love you guys!

Encourage one another,

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