Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What I have been doing when it seems like I am not doing anything.

I have been falling down outside Noodles.

I have been awake most nights because of the injury on my arm from
falling down outside of Noodles.

I have been listening to the girls and giving them counsel.
Emma broke up with a boy. She is doing just great.
But there is a lot of talking and listening.

Katie's performance is today. We are busy juggling
three activities that want to be held at the exact time on the exact same day.

I write letters and send retainer money to the woman who is suppose to design my brand/logo
and she does not write me back. She may have fallen off the face of the earth. I may have sent
the money to a black hole for as much as I know.

I have paid the sales tax to Wisconsin with the help of Amy J and found a new Print Company that
I am so happy with I want to cry.

Simply Color.

I drive and drive and drive and drive.

on the way to school
(taken this morning while driving...dress up week at week of the year)

I miss having client's this time of year. Even tho it is still scary to meet new people,
I love being invited into their lives for a moment and capture their beautiful, unique, happy faces.

The sameness of this time of year in the landscape wears on me. Lots of white.
Even the sky is white. It's daunting.

I finished a pair of socks for Katie that she won't wear and I am on the thumb of my mitten that is still quite ill fitting.

Aside for learning new ways to multiply, I have learned a lot about Stevie Wonder lately.

Watching three hours of Lost last night was almost too much. What a marathon!

So! What do you think is going on.

How will the survivors on the island catch up with themselves in LA?

The New John Locke can sure make the best evil stare ever! Wow!

I just realized last night how miserable everyone was who came to the island as we see what they are all coming home to.
(Except the sweet married couple)

I want them to remember what they have been thru....and that is my only hope for the finale....
that they remember. If they don't. I will be super mad and yell at the tv.

Cause you know what? ....even it if is not blogworthy......

What happens matters.


Encourage one another,

p.s. I see that comments are not working properly today.
I'm sorry. I miss you.

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