Friday, February 05, 2010

This morning.


M: Morning honey. You are all ready!

K: I slept in my shoes.

M: You slept in your shoes?

K: Yes.

M: How come?

K: I tied em real good and I didn't want to undo them. So I slept in them.
Is that a bad thing?

M: No. I just think it would feel funny!

Oh My. That's just about as nutty as me trying to keep my hands folded while I sleep.
Dress up week is sure full of fun and excitement!

Today is Spirit day.

The teachers are going to play the 8th graders in a volleyball game at 2:00.
I think I'll head over there to watch that!

I'm telling's the school that time forgot~!


This just cracked me a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way.

I am bossy

This is Dancing April from my sidebar.

I love the loading the dishwasher dance moves.

My knitting videos are just so BORING!
THESE are more like it.

Too bad I am too embarrassed to show you my whole body. (clothed of know what I mean...right?)
It took months just to take off the sunglasses.

Oh well. Just one more thing to add to the list of things I do when I magically become thinner.

1. wear a swim suit
2. make funnier videos

Are you looking forward to the Vancouver Olympics?

Or as I like to call them....the YO-lympics.

If the Olympics are in New York, ever again....that is what they should call them.
It's fun to say.

Yo Adrian, It's me Rocky.

(maybe that's Philly)

What channel are those Yolympics on anyway. Better not mess with The Bachelor. (otherwise known as the hatchet man around here. He let four girls go in one night.)

Do you like the Olympics?
Will you watch the Olympics?
What is your favorite winter sport to participate in?
Do you snow ski?

Encourage one another,

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