Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympic Sartorialist

Best Dressed Pairs

The Canadian Pairs team of Dube and Davison may have place 6th last night in the finals of the Pairs competition....

But in my super humble opinion, they win for best dressed.

Dube is elegant and lovely.
Davison is masculine with pockets on his slacks.

This is my favorite look for skaters. Always has been. Always will be.

Nancy Kerrigan in Vera Wang.

Simple, understated, beautiful.



I wrote a tutorial on Shooting in Low Light for The Pioneer Woman and it is 'up' today.
For those of you who wrote and asked for some pointers,

Check it out!

The Pioneer Woman/Photography Tutorials

I love this picture of Katie. It is my favorite....today :o)
It was taken in the garage.

I didn't want to take a picture yesterday.
Nothing interested me.

But I am doing that dang 365 on Flickr so at about 4:30 I asked Katie to come outside for just a second.

(When in doubt or uninspired....I shoot Katie.)

I edited it with Eye Candy Actions: Mini Makeover at about 20%

Eye Candy Actions

Sheye's photography always makes me feel all dreamy and warm.
That's good this time of year, don't you think?


If you have never visited the REAL Sartorialist, you really must.

The Sartorialist

Visiting his blog is like a mini jaunt to some fabulous, chic place....where the people are unique and stylish.



The Bachelor bored me to death last night. It annoyed me more than usual that he was SO in love with
all of the girls. And how about when Ali called him and he was totally over her. In one week. hummm.
She will look back and probably be very glad she left. Mr. Fickle Wishy-Washy is driving me batty.

Why do I keep watching? Why???


Encourage one another,

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