Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey everybody.

I'm headed to Missouri today to spend some time with
a few of my sisters.

I need to be with them.

Right Now.


When I go away and Katie doesn't come with me I like to put a picture of her on the blog so I can come by and see her sweet, happy face.

It's my picture in a wallet.

I did something last night for the first time: you guess.

a. lost my wallet
b. bought beer
c. found wallet
d. all of the above

The answer is d.

Now that I think of it, that is not the first time I have purchased alcohol....
I bought lots of vodka for a Christmas gift.

Who'd ever think I would be the bearer of booze?

It does make me a little I want to tell the check out girl,
"It's not for me. Really. Hic."

I'm not against drinking (in moderation) but it's just not been my thing.

Oh my! I just remembered going to Glen Ellyn to buy booze with my mom.
We would walk along and FILL up the grocery cart!

Oh my goodness. Surely that was for a big party.


Gotta Run!

I will try to stop in to say 'hi'. Just not sure what the computer situation will be.
Yeah. I don't have a cell phone OR a laptop.

Can you believe that?

Love ya like a friend!

Pray for traveling mercies, please.
I'm a little scattered. Hope I don't lose my way.

Encourage one another,

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