Thursday, September 08, 2011


It's a beautiful day for a Football game, don't cha think?

Patrick and I are heading to Lambeau Field for the big game tonight! I'm thinking I need to get some Green and Gold.
Do you remember the last time I went to a game?


Yes. I got hassled by my readers and sisters for wearing pink.


Katie is not coming, she is staying with a very kind friend who will get her to the first volleyball practice of the season.
(We tried to get more tickets but we couldn't find any.)

Thank you so much Amy!!

We saw this cute commercial during the Brewers game a few days ago.
It wasn't on youtube yet...but I found it on Associated Banks website just now.


Aaron Rodgers Commercials

To see the television commercials click on the TV.
To listen to the radio ads click on the radio.


Also this morning I am going to the big Madison Quilt expo.
I am sure this will be a treat for the eyes!! It will be neat to see what is 'in' now.

Anybody out there quilt?

Remember when I bought fabric to make Katie a quilt? Last Fall?

Well....I cut it out and it is still sitting on the chair in the family room.
What is wrong with me?

I actually know why I haven't been's because I don't have my machine set up in a room and everything has to be taken down and put away each time I work on the quilt.

This is more than I can bear, I guess.

Perhaps I can make Emma's room my quilting room...
That might just work....let me think about that.


Here is a cute quilt I made in the 90's.
It's practically an antique!

Happy, Happy Game Day!!!

We love our dorky chant and our GREAT team!


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