Monday, September 26, 2011

Sometimes you have to make your own fun.

I think that is what the Beef-a-Rama is all about. It's about enjoying and celebrating your community!
It's just like the MardiGras, but with lots more clothes; more clothes, less gumbo, more beef.


The organizers were very clever. More cowbell!


The Rump Roast Run was very well attended! In fact so much so that they were all walking RIGHT IN FRONT of Cindy and Pat and Carrie!

This is Pat and Carrie. Good job!

Yes. That's a down jacket. Yes. It's Sept 24th.



There's Cindy! Hooray!!!

Sorry for the Craptastic photography.
What cha gonna do?

Minocqua 2011
Rump Roast Run

The winners with their beef held high~~~

While we were taking a few pictures and taking in the awards, I heard a familiar name.
It seemed that our blog-sistah Tammy made it to the race with some of her children and the littlest one had won a prize!!!

I watched where she went and found Tammy in the crowd!!!

Oh! She is so tiny and beautiful! She had a busy weekend but I was able to bump into her a few more times.
I can't wait to hear how her roast did and if they raised a lot of money for a very important non-profit she is involved with.

New Dawn Pregnancy Resource Center


What a beautiful girls, Tammy. So sweet!!


The contestants roast their beef along "Main St."
Most everybody else is... well....drinking and socializing.

At 2:45 the parade of beef began.


This is the family that owns Bosaki's now. They are from Madison. Bosaki's is now, Matt Morgans.
Fun fact to know and tell.


Here comes Tammy!


Their roast is in the baby carriage. :o)


This was Tammy's first time at the Beef-a-Rama.
It's not her scene really. She's a fish out of water at the Beef-a-rama.

I hope she had fun! It looks like it~


More roasts on their way to Torpy Park for the awards.
It was kind of cool to see the crowd follow the parade down to the park for their taste of beef.


I'm not sure what this is all about.

But. Go Packers Go. Anyway.

Look closely at this picture. There is a woman wearing a cheese bikini top.


That's all for now, folks.
Sister stories tomorrow.


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