Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My cousin Paul had this picture made for the cousins at the birthday/reunion last month.

I finally had a chance to take a good picture of it.

Now that I look at it...that is a cat hair on Uncle Mel's leg.
Not in the print. boo.


Our Grandpa is third from the left. It has been a long time since I saw a good picture of his handsome face.
He was a first generation immigrant from Greece. He was a brilliant business man. He died in his early 60's from leukemia.
Next to him is Grandma Glyman. Do you like how the floral arrangement looks like her hat? I got my middle name from Grandma Glyman. It is Elsie.

Uncle Mel and Aunt Sunny are on the left.
Aunt Sunny taught me Spanish and reminded me to smile. She was smart and full of fun and love.
Uncle Mel is a smart and clever and always says, 'God bless you.'

That handsome dude next to Grandma Glyman is Uncle Marv. He was the clown of the group.
He called me Donald and I called him Moomoo. He put restaurant silverware in your pocket when you went out to eat with him.
Our beloved Aunt Dorothy is next to Marv. Aunt Dorothy was a cross between Erica Kane and Ina Garten. She was loving, hospitable, smart, an accomplished cook and Glamorous!! Think....high heeled feathered slippers.....at the cottage.

And on the right side of the table are our darling parents.

My mother looks like a young Marylin Monroe to me. Where did she get those lips....why didn't I get any lips?
And her style...she was fabulous!

I like how Grandma is looking over at mom and dad....our dad was a tease and I am sure he said something funny to the photographer or the table. Don't you think?

And look at Aunt Dorothy...she was always cutting edge....she's texting!


I could look at this picture for an hour. I look. I put it down. I look again.
This magical capture of a moment in time. One second in the lives of this family, my family.

It's awesome.

Encourage one another,

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