Friday, September 16, 2011

Thank you for your wise and kind advice for me and Katie.

Get this!!

So...I wrote Katie's homeroom teacher and very nicely told him my concerns.
He wrote back with a very earnest and kind reply. He said he would speak to her other teachers and that she could
come to him with her difficult work and he would not give her a 'late' mark.
He said she was paying attention very well in class. He also said her homework should not take more than 1 1/2 hours.


I pick up Katie from volleyball practice and she tells me she got her quizzes back.
She got all A's and even a 100% on one quiz.

Yeah. He must think I'm a nut. Goodness gracious.

But we do need to figure out the homework thing. I told her she just needs to work faster and write ANYTHING down.

(mother of the year) She says NO. She wants to do a good job. (goofy kid)

And so it goes. And so it goes.


Speaking of the word 'goes'. This morning on the radio I heard someone say, "He goes," instead of "He said".

What the heck. I don't know when the last time I heard someone say it like that.
Is it a regional thing? I thought the commercial must be a national commercial because people don't say that around here.

The actor wasn't a surfer dude, he was a regular man delivering a line.
It was really odd.

Like, do people talk this way where you live?

har har


DSC_0354 copy


by Laura Elizabeth Richards

Once there was an elephant,
Who tried to use the telephant—
No! No! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone—
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I've got it right.)
Howe'er it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee—
(I fear I'd better drop the song
Of elephop and telephong!)

Who remembers this poem?

I do
I do

Encourage one another,

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