Wednesday, September 07, 2011


It's a good thing that Asher is a pretty "up" boy....
cause he really is bombarded with lots of .....enthusiasm when we come to visit.


Baby Wrangling.



I love baby curls and that back of the neck area.

It's beautiful.


Emma had those curls when she was one.

I did not cut her hair until it was almost to her bottom because there was that one big curl at the end....
I knew it was the baby curl. Her bangs which had been cut numerous times were very straight. I knew once I cut that baby curl off...the curls would be gone. And they were.....

Janet has been telling me I would like Mat Kearney.

On the drive home from Omaha, I heard a song that I liked.

I wondered ...who is this....

It was Mat Kearney.

Hey Mama.

Sometimes your little sisters know things.

Encourage one another,

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