Friday, September 23, 2011

North to Minocqua...

photo by Gene Patey

well...not quite. That's Goose Cove Canada. The ice berg floated into the cove from Greenland.
Wouldn't that be a sight to see?

photo by Jesse Canfield

This is Minocqua Wi. The Island City.
Nancy invited us to come up for the Beef-a-rama this year. Cindy is coming too.
I am always excited for a sister visit, so Katie and I will head up there after school today.


Today is the finale to end all finales.

All My Children airs it's last show today.

I have been watching since 1973. The wrap up of the soap has been terribly convoluted and impossible,
but no matter how mad I got at the writers thru the years, I couldn't abandon my 'story' (as the grannies call it).

These characters have been with me on a daily basis since high school. It's crazy.
I can't seem to find a group of friends, on Twitter or Facebook or on my blog, who care about this
is it any wonder that it is going off the air?


I think I will miss you most of all.
(Thad Martin)


Have a great weekend! Fall is here.

Encourage one another,

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