Thursday, December 06, 2012

Beter late than.....


I found this lovely cupcake at Target.  The company is named Kimberly's Cupcakes.

And what movie do you think of when I say the name...Kimberly?

Anyway.  I follow a lot of bakers on Instagram who are always taking pictures of their cupcakes  and my friend Tawnya LOVES cupcakes so I thought I would take a few pictures of this nummy treat.

It's awfully pretty, isn't it?


You know who was very curious about what I was doing.
A few times I was looking down at the cupcake and I could see Ginny's tongue flash into the picture frame.  It was darn funny.  I could not get her to reenact this shot will have to do.


As many of you read over on Facebook and on Ree's blog The Pioneer Woman, the photography section is ending.  I loved writing for Ree and I loved the people I met and was able to teach because of the amazing exposure I had over there for five years.  I was thrilled to be asked to write for her and I am so very grateful that she had faith in me.  Every time I wrote a tutorial,  I  was excited to see it on The Pioneer Woman's website.
But the best part of all was meeting so many of you because of it.

I will try to post stats under my photos and feel free to ask questions about my pictures if you wonder about something.

I will try to answer.

Ree will keep all the tutorials up on her website, so if you need to remember how to do something or are just learning, you can go over there and check out the archives!!

Miz Boo's Tutorials


Nikon D700, Exposure 1/60, Aperture f2.0, ISO 400, lens 35mm

My stamp says, Merci.

And to all of you who have read this blog or read Ree's blog and left comments and have come to learn from me and who pray for our family and send me loads of cheer....


Encourage one another,