Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Glasses

New glasses.

Two weeks ago Katie broke my glasses while cleaning them for me.  She is amazingly strong.
This forced me to pony up and buy some new glasses.

Wearing cheaters for two weeks was terrible.  Sharp focus is my thang.

Finally the glasses came yesterday.  I slightly freaked out because I could not see anything well.
By the time I went to bed last night, my eyes were already adjusting.

But last night when I was trying to take a picture of myself I noticed the big puffy bags under my eyes.
I was aware my eyes were baggy up top.  But this.  This was new to me.

So this morning I bought Cover Girl concealer, applied the concealer to my lovely bags and promptly took my picture in the parking lot at Target.

That seems to help.

Crisis adverted.


Last night in New York many old and very famous rock stars got together to raise money for the victims of hurricane Sandy.  Things are still very desperate for folks out that way and it was nice to see this group of entertainers do this thing.

This guy Roger Waters was on Jimmy Fallon the other night and I did not know what band he played in.  Apparently he is in Pink Floyd.  Apparently I was nursing babies and listening to Raffi in the 80's/90's.   I did recognize all of the songs and even knew some words!  woo.

I was thrilled to hear Eddie Vedder sing with him.

Matthew and Melinda and Asher adore Chris Martin of Cold Play.
I think Chris Martin was the best all around performer of the whole night (The show was over 5 hours long!!)      

He is so darn talented and appealing on stage.

So there you have the Good Parts Version of #121212concert.

You're welcome.

Encourage one another and rock on.