Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Light. How I found it.

Pretty light

This is a iphone picture.  The thing that makes it pretty is the light. (I think)
I was driving home from school this morning with the sun behind me.
The sky was dark in front of me. There were clouds appearing to my right.  The light looked so beautiful but I was looking at apartments and houses so I turned into a park.  The park road had me going toward the sun.  Nothing looked very pretty any more.  Then I turned around and headed away from the sun again.  And there was the pretty light.

Sometimes, both in the morning and at night, the prettiest light is opposite the sun.

Morning in Wisconsin

Here I was looking North.  This appeals to me composition and color wise.  But it doesn't have that lovely light like the picture above.


This is such a pretty song from Home Alone 2.
I know my big boys will like to hear it.  :o)
To them Christmas movies all begin with Home Alone.

Happy Memories.

Encourage one another,