Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ha! My husband just noticed the blog...and lack of posts.
He called me a slacker.


Sorry friends.  I just did not have a spare moment to sit down and write.
I cooked so much, I never want to cook again.
Mostly because I cooked alone and everybody else was elsewhere.
I wanted to be with them.  Not alone in the kitchen.

Somehow this needs to change in the future.

I like to make my favorite things for my favorite people but when it takes me away from them...for hours and hours.


Here are some pictures I took while I was away from the blog.
I will not be posting many pictures to Facebook anymore so ya gotta stop by here to see what I'm up to.



groups of booshays :o)


For Christmas I got a Lensbaby Composer.  It makes the edges blurry.
I love it.
It's dreamy.

And it made this look like an action shot.
I made the girls lay down in the front yard before they went sledding :o)


Cindy came to dinner on Saturday.  It was so wonderful to be together.
I made a tenderloin and it was WAY too rare.
Emma bought me Ina Garten's Foolproof cookbook for Christmas, it has a recipe for tenderloin, I will be trying that next time.  Yikes.


Cindy and her Patrick.
So happy together.


Cindy brought a little of mom along with her.


On Christmas we tried to see Les Miz.  It was sold out until 3:20 so we stopped at Starbucks....
and took pictures.

We all liked the movie very much.  It's a serious musical.
Much of the background is left out of the story.  But this is a movie of the musical.
Not a movie of the book.

Have you seen a movie of Les Miz (the book) that you really love?

Peace and Love

Nice light at that Starbucks :o)

Bologna appetizer

This was my nostalgic contribution.
We made this ever year for our New Years Eve gathering.
It was neighbors and friends.
Our gathering is family.

I happen to like this appetizer of bologna and cream cheese.


This is the best of the family picture bunch.  Not so good.
I  edited off my butt on purpose...but what am I going to do with the Patricks?



I've been knitting a ruffly scarf.


I've driven to Iowa.


I've enjoyed my busy Christmas with my family.

I'm on top of the world :o)

Encourage one another,