Monday, December 03, 2012

# i heart faces December Challenge

I am participating in the #iheartfaces December Challenge.

Here is the list

You may do this on your Instagram, on your Flickr, with your camera, on your blog...
.....or in a boat or with a goat, in the rain, in the dark and on a train...

I am doing this challenge on Instagram.
When I post a picture I write     #iheartfaces
Then my picture goes to a page that has all the pictures with that same hashtag.

Hi! I'm Donna aka Miz Boo (introduction) #iheartfaces


ELF   #Iheartfaces Dec Challenge


Today is 'what you're reading'.

I haven't taken this picture yet.   I have started reading The Giver.  There is a boy named Asher in the book.  That surprised me.


This story shocked me and horrifies me.

A nightmare.  What can be done to save these people?

I do not know.
As I take my happy pictures for a photo challenge....
this story haunts me.


Encourage one another,