Wednesday, December 05, 2012

From Emma with Love

Emma Boucher: when your mother sings to you:

Watching White Christmas last night, one of my favorite movies, and the best Christmas movie there is, I realized something from the first song Bing belts out. All I hear is my mother's voice singing over him.  He sings a few words and my mind settles into deep nostalgia. How many times my mom has sang this song to us, in the car, on the couch, making dinner, falling asleep?  I smiled through the entire movie hearing her voice and the comments she would make on Vera Ellen's tiny waist - she was obsessed with it. Absolutely obsessed. Still is. Here is the part she would fast forward and say was weird, now. Aren't those dresses ugly?  It was like she was sitting there with me.

"The best things, happen when you're dancing..." Imagine my mom sweeping this little girl off her feet, into a gallant waltz in our old kitchen with the ugliest tiles you've ever seen.  We'd dance and sing, and I would giggle and spin. It was heaven. Dancing creates some of the best memories, and I'm convinced from this memory that we all must dance with our loved ones.  You won't regret it, you'll laugh, you'll hold each other. There's just something about dancing. 

A long, long time from now, I'll watch White Christmas just to hear my mother's voice. Here her sing, feel her spin me. Maybe it won't be so long from now, it might just be next week.


I woke up this morning to this post written by Emma.
It is the sweetest post.
She finishes with a call to action.  Which I just learned about from Katie.
Not only have I learned that I should not be using my beloved 'to be' form when writing,
I learned about 'the call to action'.

Dance and Sing with the ones you love!

Encourage one another,

Hey! My closing is a call to action.