Monday, December 10, 2012

Perfect timing

Shopping for our tree  #iheartfaces. #sadshopper

On Saturday we drove down the road to a small Christmas tree farm.
I said we would just look.  See if we could find a scrawny tree.

We didn't even take a saw.

But right away I saw that there were many scrawny trees.

A fellow shopper offered us his saw.

After passing many trees that Katie thought were embarrassing,
I picked one out.

Patrick cut it down.

Then we saw a nicer one.

This made Katie cry.

Oh boy.

Her heart is still right there on her sleeve.

We put the tree on the porch.  Then it snowed and snowed.

Little tree

I usually get gasoline and Christmas trees and put up lights on the coldest possible day.

This year our timing was perfect!


Encourage one another,

Informational P.S.
Tree cost $33.00
It is 5 1/2 ft. tall

The pretty wreath is from my sister Janet and her family.
We get one every year.  It is a fantastic gift that we just love getting!