Friday, December 14, 2012

Flash Back Friday

Five years ago I was just learning to use my digital slr.  It was a Nikon D80.


My little muse here was my best helper.
I learned so much taking a gazillion pictures of her.

I turned 50 that year.  My sister Nancy picked me up and we drove to Missouri together to celebrate with Sue and Cindy.

What a good idea that was. What a fun time we had.



Oh Cindy. You make us all laugh and we love that about you.
Nancy (our guardian angel) is on the left and Sue is in the middle.


I love that Sue is reading a magazine.  I know that might be weird to think about, but this is so Suzy.
And Cindy...tan beautiful Cindy.  It's a good picture.

St. Silly

Why I love this self portrait, I don't know.  But I do.

St. Lucia?

Hello, little honey.

Matthew two

He smiles.

When you go back and look at your pictures/photo stream do you get lost like me.
I could stay there for hours.  It's one of my very favorite things to do.

Same thing happens when I go back and read portions of my blog.  I wrote this in 2005;

The Ghosts of Winter Past

Once upon a time I lived in hilly, pine tree covered Wausau, Wisconsin.Every day at noon I would head over to the ice rink at the fair grounds to skate.Typically four or five skaters would be there; a mother and a child, a young man skating figures, an elderly gentleman and me.
The young man showed me how to skate a figure eight. I learned to use the edges on my skates.Harley, the elderly man, taught me to skate the waltz. The waltz is skated much faster than you would imagine and very close to your partner.
Stroke, swing, inside edge, loop.Stroke, turn, outside edge, glide. 
I was nervous and scared and worked very hard to keep up with Harley's speed and steps.
I loved it so much.
It was possibly the coolest thing I have ever done.

Our dance was a combo of these two.  I remember having to turn and skate backward for part of it.  But not quite as much as this second dance.

It was such a challenge for me.  But it was thrilling to try!

Encourage one another,