Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning....

well...not outside...but here...on my blog...

I present to you and morning full of sunshine and beautiful things.


I want to go to this beach. It is for real.

Are you smiling yet?

Lots of love!!!

Donna Elsie


  1. :) I love happy reminders.

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I was feeling gloomy and low this morning, so this post was perfect.

    Mary Z

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Thanks, Miz Boo!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  4. Danke viemals - many thanks!


  5. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Every picture perfect, every word meaningful. Karen F.

  6. Smiling through tears. I just got done reading Ann Voskamp's latest post which made me cry and then I come here and see these beautiful pictures.

    I always call Thursday, Thankful Thursday and I try to give thanks all day long. Of course that should hold true for everyday!

    1. I like the idea of Thankful Thursday.

      I also love Ann Voskamp's writing - she has a way of reminding me of what really matters.

  7. I was trolling for sunny, happy-go-lucky pictures yesterday also. Too many days without sunshine! Thanks for the beautiful things to look at today (because it is yet another day without sunshine...but no snow today!).

  8. Donna, that first picture should be on my wall. I would love for that to be the way I live my life. My dear, dear Dad was one who was always hoping for the next big thing...and he put off experiencing the daily, little joys for way too long. I am grateful we had a few years of sweet times together, and I am glad that I could learn from him to not put off gratitude or joy or loving those around me. If you can take joy in simple things, then happiness is never far away, is it?

    I am sorry the weather is getting you down. Now is the time to live in Northern California, and then we can all move to Wisconsin in the summer when Northern California is blazing hot. If I could box up some blue sky and sunshine, you know I would!

    Mucho love,
    Diane Hamilton (aka: Di)

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      When I saw that first picture, I was so excited because I recognized it as my friend's work. Courtney has an Etsy shop called acottagelife. It doesn't look like that one is available, but she would probably do another for you.
      Beautiful post Miz Boo!
      Lisa V.

    2. Thank you for sharing where we could purchase this!!!
      I will check to make sure it's properly linked!!

  9. Thank you for that sweet wish.

  10. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Love the beach. Love Francis Chan. Thank you!

    1. I need to read his book - heard a lot of good things about "Crazy Love"

  11. Especially loving the fifth from the bottom! What a special day, for me!!!

  12. Absolutely, Donna. Thanks for that.


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