Tuesday, July 23, 2013

As we wait for the little prince's name....

Prince William as a baby


I went back and looked at the comments from the naming post I did a few weeks back.
No one guessed the correct date.  Phew.  I was going to give away a million dollars.

The boys names go like this:

Phillip: 4
James: 6
George: 4
Edward: 1
Albert: 1

I am liking Albert this morning because Bertie is too cute....

Someone mentioned naming the little fellow Spencer after Diana's last night.
I never thought of this....duh...
However, even tho it is a very nice name and would be so nice....
I don't think the Queen would like the future King going to the throne with the Spencer name....
My guess is that it will not even be in the middle names.

What do you think?

So exciting waiting to hear the name.
How wonderful that Catherine did so well delivering that big baby.

Does anyone else think it is too quick to leave the hospital only 24 hours after the birth?
I did this with Katie but she was my fourth and then I had to take her back for jaundice.
That was stressful...
The entire first four months of having a baby is extremely stressful and exhausting and scary and difficult.  That whole not sleeping thru the night nearly did me in...so new momma's.....I understand and empathize with you.
I did not drive my car for three weeks following the birth of my first.
On  my first outing I heard the announcement of Prince William's birth.
Isn't that funny I remember that?  Yes.  Prince William was born 21 days after my Patrick.

But, yeah, I was slow to recover from my first birth.
My mind was blown.
I went from wanting six children to NEVER WANTING TO DO THAT AGAIN.

But here we are with four.

I wish for young momma Catherine good drugs, helping hands....and a speedy recovery.



  1. I love Spencer as part of his name, not as his called name. I'm a fan of Bertie, too, for nostalgic reasons. :) And how well I remember this day, when she brought Wills home. It's all so bittersweet, thinking of how much she would have loved this......

  2. I think it's funny how they (Chaz and Di) have been driven around in Rolls Royce's and when they leave the hospital with a new baby, they are driven in a regular old grocery getter wagon with the roof rack....

    I thought my daughter was going to be an only child (first) but I decided against that quickly...and had #2 18 months later. He was 10.5 pounds (sans meds). I left the hospital 1.5 days after having my second....I was hungry and wanted a decent meal! He was the easiest baby I could have imagined. Slept through the night at 2 weeks and has for the last 7 years.

    I would love it if the little bugger had Spencer for a middle name...but maybe he'll have one of the Will's grandfather Spencer's names (Edward John)??? Or Michael, after Kate's father???

    1. What I've read is that the heir to the throne won't have his non-royal lineage reflected in his name - that will have to wait for 'the spare'. ;)

    2. I might have amended mine. :) I'm thinking George Spencer Philip Arthur.

  3. That station wagon surprised me too!!! It's probably an armoured vehicle.:op


    I too think an ordinary baby should not leave the hospitals watchful eyes that early; this baby boy probably has his own RN and Doc checking him every 4 hours. They would put him under a home biliblanket if need be.
    You have a good point, but this baby has hands everywhere to help out.
    I fear Katherine's biggest problem will be keeping him to herself. I wanted my baby in MY arms and my husband's arms all the time. I wonder if she's nursing him, if she is bleeding too much from all the commotion, all the ordinary things we'll never know.

    I was over the moon with Allison. I didnt sleep for days on a high. I was totally in love with Zach but afraid of how I'd do alone with AL and Zach when Troy worked 24 hour shifts. I was afraid both would die of crib death.
    I was so used to monitors I ached for one at home....silly me. I should have just enjoyed them

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Kathy b~ after we came home from the NICU with our daughter, my husband and I stayed up for 24 hours straight. We were so scared. But, we realized real quick that we have to sleep. Looking back I wish I would have rented a monitor just for a peace of mind. I ached for the comfort of the monitor very badly. We got through it, though, thank God.
      Sarah P. from Iowa

  5. I was going to say what Kathy said. I'm sure at the very least there will be a nurse on the premises, probably a doctor. When I brought my third one home, my older two were sick. I spent my first morning alone cleaning vomit off the stairs. I doubt Kate will ever have to do that!

  6. Spencer is on my radar. I think it will be one of his middle names, not sure on a first name. I hope it isn't Charles... I think Philip could be in the mix too.

  7. Having problems commenting here the last few day--ugh! Switching browsers to see if that helps.

    So happy for the couple and so surprised it's a boy! I was convinced it was a girl.

    I have no memory of what I chose as the boy's name in the naming post (since I was sure it was a girl). As much as it would be lovely to have Spencer in there, I'm sure it will not even be considered for this child. Diana would have been such a wonderful grandmother, I think. Most of the names the bookmakers have mentioned sound so OLD for a baby, but your Bertie would be a fun alternative if they go with Albert. I thought Charles and Diana were around the bend when they came out with Harry, but it fits him and doesn't seem a bit stodgy when coupled with such an "active" young man.

    Thanks for including the video, Donna. I had forgotten about the station wagon that collected them and all they seem to show on TV are stills of the three of them on the hospital steps. Can't wait to see what Kate is wearing when they emerge to go home; I'm sure even under these circumstances she'll be stylish and just right.

  8. Anonymous10:46 AM

    My mind was blown as well. I stayed two nights after Lucas was born and just one after Cassie, I think. I drove within a few days of Lucas coming home but I didn't sleep well for months (years?). Cassie is starting to ask me questions about how childbirth "really" is. I share a PG version and tell her it's all worth it in the end (which is true, of course!)

    No guess on the name. A sweet young lady from our old church also gave birth yesterday to a beautiful baby boy and they named him Beckett Andrew. Isn't that sweet? And he shares the royal baby's birthday!

    Sandy C.

  9. My daughter likes the name James. I believe whatever they choose will shoot to the top of the boy name charts just like William did. My son, Jacob, would appreciate another popular boys name to take his spot. ;)

  10. I heard there are loads of babies who have been born in the last two weeks...who are still unnamed. They are waiting for the announcement.

    1. Anonymous11:20 AM

      That is crazy! LOL : )

      Sarah P. from Iowa

  11. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I love this post!! I'm sure Diana is with her new grandchild in spirit. I just love looking at pictures of her. I can't wait to hear the name and see what Kate is wearing when they leave the hospital!! : ) I bet that Prince William is going to be a great dad.

    I have no input on birth stories....mine is so unordinary when I had Sophia. Unbelievably scary, hard, difficult, but very, very beautiful.

    Good day,
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  12. PS - NO CAR SEAT?!?!?!

    1. I thought the same, Stephseef !!! Well, not exactly. I thought "WHAO ! He doesn't attach the baby seat in the car ???!!!!"
      ... Then, I crossed fingers because Kate was certainly close to the baby and attached the seat. I HOPE !

  13. Will and Kate have s car seat. I saw it.... And the hairdresser.

    1. I saw William buckle it in, too. Phew.

  14. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I had a nightmare the first night we brought Jamey home. In it, he had been born so very tiny that he slept in a tea cup on my nightstand. I woke up in a cold sweat convinced someone had poured a cup of tea on him. Oh my, the crazy. He weighed in at 8 lbs., 15 oz., so I don't know where that fear came from...

    Can't wait to hear the royal babe's name. I am so happy for them!!!!

    Mary Z

  15. "The crazy"

    I love this. Can be used in much the same way as 'The Huge'.


  16. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I'd love the baby to be named John William plus something else.

    Thanks for the video as well. I remember that day too.

  17. childbirth is very different in most other parts of the world. i am surprised they even had all those doctors in the room. i believe in England (with their government healthcare) most women are seen by nurse midwives, and by doctors when complications occur. of course the royal family would be an exception ;)... they will have lots of help at home i am sure. more than most of us ever had.

    1. Hello Melinda Sue ! I'm happy to read you here time to time, hoping you're fine :)

  18. How exciting that I just happened to have the tv on this afternoon right at the point they came out with the new babe in arms. My girls are thinking his name will be James or George.

    I remember those days and weeks with my first and there is NO WAY I would have been able to stand on those steps in front of all those people and smile. How does she make it look so easy?!

    And, I agree with you Donna, those first 3-4 months were very difficult for me with all my kids, but especially my first. I was a walking zombie.

  19. I do totally agree with you, DOnna. In my opinion, it's too short to leave hospital. On the same way, she's the Duchess, I suppose she's not alone and she must be surrounded by a crowd of doctor and nurses... I hope for her !! :)
    I remember when I left hospital after my 1st child birth, I was so anxious I used to call hospital's nurses often, to ask some questions. After a while, I didn't dare to present myself anymore because I was scared to be considered as a dumb. So one day, I called, just saying :"Hello, I would like to know if it's normal...", then the nurse stopped me by saying : "Hellooooo, Miss S ! How are you today ??". Me : "... You recognize my voice ?". She laughed : "Seriously ?? You're calling 3 times a day, we all recognize your voice !!" ... It was funny and shameful on the same time. :D

  20. Doesn't poor Diana look so overwhelmed with the media attention in this video? Maybe it's my imagination. But she looks like that smile is forced and he looks so so proud of that boy. Very different from how Will and Catherine handled evetything yesterday. I wish them all the best and she will have lots and lots of help but they seem to be the types to want to be very hands-on. They will do well.

  21. Absolutely right on the first four months! With my first, it was a year. He never slept. I remember telling my husband that if I found out I was pregnant again, they would have to commit me. That one is 4 1/2 now, and the baby is 2 1/2 months. Now I wonder why I thought having one was so hard! I think the first one takes longer to recover from because you don't have another one to chase at the same time. This time I was back on my feet much faster because I had to be Mommy to my oldest.

    I thought this baby was going to be much easier- he sleeps through the night already, which is wonderful. But now we think he has a milk allergy & reflux, so he is screaming after every feeding and we haven't found a solution yet. So, maybe not easier, but just different! Oh, I wish babies came with instructions! Wondering if the Duchess is feeling any of those same things. Funny how there is nothing about her lifestyle I could relate to 3 days ago, but now that she's a mom, there are things all mothers have in common.

  22. My internet was down or 9 days (thanks ATT grr) so I am just now catching up... but I was pretty disappointed with the name George Alexander Louis... I was hoping with this more contemporary couple at least one of the names would be something DIFFERENT, but George it is. I think life with infants is just so scary, I have anxious tendencies anyway and both were they on alert when I had my babies! My first one was 9lbs 2oz and was 4 days early.... he started sleeping thru the night and was the easiest baby I have ever been around..my daughter had reflux and a hemangioma birthmark on her forehead and everyone was so nasty about it (assuming I had harmed my baby) and we werent sleeping, and all the crying and keeping her propped up after each feeding and having to feed her no more than an ounce or two for the first 5 months--every hour and a half, I was an emotional mess. It was that first year that made us stop at 2 kiddos, I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could order another "easy" baby but since it doesn't work that way--we are done! lol


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