Saturday, July 13, 2013

Carrie and Katie and the theater.

Upon seeing these pictures from last night, my friend Nancy wondered, how long have Katie and Carrie been doing plays together?

Puck and a fairy

I wondered if it was possible that it could be ten years....

The first thing the girls did was a class at a church on Maple Grove.  The final day they dressed up like bumble bees.


I know Carrie was at this 'camp'.  I am sure Amy arranged it :o)


This may be their first Halloween together.


A little later...


This was Peter Pan.  Katie was a mermaid.




There is a special closeness that comes with being childhood friends.  It's a little like siblings.
(Studies have been done. I'm not just making this up.)   So... has it been ten years, I think more like eight or nine.  But whatever the's so neat to think they have been doing this together for most of their little lives.

Childhood friends are the best!!!
And for these is theater!

Encourage one another,


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    What sweet and lovely friends. Praying they will always stay friends and enjoy doing plays. love and prayers, jep

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    The costumes and make up both look so professional from last night's pictures! I hope the girls had a great time -- it sure looks like it from their big smiles! The picture of them facing each other is my favorite. So sweet.

    There is something so special about childhood friends. They know your history. Where you come from. What you've been through. Greg and I are leaving shortly to join my four closest childhood friends and their hubbies for a couple of days in Michigan. Water fun, food, drinks and lots and lots of laughs are on the menu. :)
    Mary Z

    Mary Z

    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      I must have been having an identity crisis. Not sure why I typed my name twice...
      Happy Saturday, all!!

    2. have a wonderful trip MaryZ~MaryZ :-)

      sounds like FUN!

    3. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Traveling Mercies, May God be with you Mary Z.

  3. that first picture of them made me gasp outloud and I wondered if it was midsommer's night dream - PERFECT! And love this post about friends - I still keep in touch with several dear friends since Kindergarten and grade school... love those friendships! And I love that my daughter is developing them toO!

  4. I have a friend I made in 1st grade when we relocated to a new town. We're now 64 and STILL really good friends. Don't see each other often enough but we know each other is always there if needed. Hopes and prayers that Katie and Carrie share this same joy! Linda

  5. My mom and her best friend met on a swingset in their neighborhood park when they were in 2nd grade. They had their 50th "friend-iversary" last year. Seeing Donna (my mom's friend) is like seeing one of my aunts. I treasure my friendship with my Jill, whom I met in 3rd grade. We now both have great husbands, four kids, crazy lives, and so much else in common almost 30 years later. I hope Katie and her friend cherish this bond and can have it grow over decades to come.

  6. Tonight I am going to a baby shower for one of my daughter's best friends. They are both 27 now and have been friends since 1st grade. Up until 6th grade, they were in every class together. They have not lived in the same city since high school, but have maintained a close relationship even though they don't talk or see each other often. I, too, have a friend like that. She lives in Lesotho, on another continent. We have been friends since high school. Every time we see each other (years between visits) we pick up as if we had just left off.

    So I do know how dear those special friendships are. I am thankful Katie is growing that relationship with Carrie.

  7. My best friend and I met in 5th grade when we were 10 years old. 38 years later.... we are still best friends. We are very close and she "gets" my humor like nobody else. Old friends are the best!

  8. awww. AL and her best friend don't see much of each other; their friendship was so important to them growing up! Mary was a great girl and she practically lived at our house. I have many cute duo pics of them too.

    HOoray ! We are best friends too Donna right?

  9. The picture of "Dorothy" is too stinking CUTE!

  10. WHat beautiful pictures, Donna; I do agree with you and childhood friends. I'm lucky, I have 3 childhood friends, and this is a treasure for us.

  11. Precious images of two sweet girls. Sometimes I worry about Kaishon's childhood friends. I love them so much, and let them live in our house, but they do come from a whole other world. Sometimes I worry about their influence. It scares me.


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