Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cups times four. Josh Riebock

Stephie sent this to me this morning.  She thought it was super happy!
It's too darling not to share!

More happy things.


Janice and mom.




These Two.


never gets old


I watched this excellent talk by Josh Riebock yesterday afternoon.  His very first story will have you in tears.  He is the author of a book called Heros and Monsters.
He is great speaker and a good thinker.

HT aka Hat Tip
Brian Kammerzelt
Twitter is good for something after all.

Encourage one another,


  1. Julie9:13 AM

    LOVE the cups song; what great harmony! Thanks for sharing, Stephie and Donna.

    Katie and her eyebrow. Classic.

    Such a sweet photo of your Nebraska clan.

    Going to try to listen to the Josh Reibock thing while I work (probably one of those things will suffer for the multitasking, but I'm going to give it a whirl).

    1. amen to the Eyebrow - LOVE. it.

      Ditto for the sweet photo of Melinda and Matthew and darling sons.

  2. CUPS times 4 is wonderful! I will download it to my itunes.

    The family Malachi is adorable.

    The BOOSHAYS are so photogenic.

    Happy happy July day DONNA BOOSHAY

  3. I love the kissy pic of you and Katie! I saw that cupsx4 a little bit ago and fell in love. Best version I've heard yet! Happy Tuesday. :)

  4. I started listening to the cups (love the sound) and for the life of me, started getting dizzy! yikes, maybe I need coffee.

    I will give a listen to the talk after I finish the laundry ;-) Better yet, I should listen to it while ironing.

    Thanks Donna for the happy

  5. Anonymous12:28 PM

    LOVE the family photo with Asher trying to cheer Malachi up with the dandelion. So good of all of them and precious. Also love the eyebrow picture. My first thought was that Katie resembled Nicole Kidman there. I have seen a photo of Nicole at some point with that expression but there is also just an uncanny resemblance. Hope your weather has warmed up, Donna. I felt so bad for you yesterday. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have such long, gray winters that I NEED sunshine in the summer. It is hard when we have a summer where the sun hardly comes out so I feel your pain. This year we are faring better than normal, which is a blessing.
    Debbie Z.

  6. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Thank you for sharing the Voices video. I just listened to it. When he said something like, "Sometimes I wake up and believe in God...", that choked me up. I don't know why. I like him. And..."reside in God"....why is that so hard to do? Life would be so much fuller and much less worrisome.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  7. I love your family pictures, Donna. As always, full of life and love. :)

  8. Wow wow wow. That video was sensational and I loved his stories. Thank you for the inspiration. I want everyone I know to see this!!!

  9. That makes my day Carol.

  10. The Josh Riebock video was the most inspirational thing I've heard in a long time. I've yet to find a good church home near where I live, and I miss soul touching talks like that. The first 10-15 minutes of the video broke my heart, the young man on stage could have just as easily been my 21 year old son, speaking of his own father - his hero and his monster. Thank you for sharing the video.

  11. I'm trying to remember (and none of them are here to ask)....my kids might have heard him speak at a YL camp....Anyway, they love him. I'm having trouble with the video. Off to try youtube.

  12. I love the song! OH MY GOSH! I love it. Naji heard this playing (he is laying beside me on the floor tonight.) Naji said this was a song they learned at school and he knows how to do it with cups. He wanted to show me right now, but since it is a half an hour past midnight, I convinced him to wait until morning.

    We have to go to a funeral tomorrow. I feel so sad.


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