Thursday, July 11, 2013

Double Decker Bus Tour. Chicago.

  Emma suggested we go on this tour.  While we were very familiar with almost everything, we enjoy hearing the facts and figures one learns on this type of tour.  This is depending on your tour guide tho.
Our first guide was great. She was informative.  Our second guide pointed out the is the Gap....there is Starbucks.  She was ridiculous and should be fired in my opinion.  I also think she was drunk....allegedly.  While she did not tell us ANYTHING informative....we were tired out and ready to be done anyway. (And we were stuck down in the bottom of the bus with one side of the windows covered.  How can they charge full fair if you are stuck in the bottom of the bus without windows to look out of?  Rip. Off.)

But here are pictures of our tour around the city.  You get a nice view from the top of a bus that you don't get in a car.

And HEY! We had tons of fun no matter what!


How you doin?

Hi Ladies!
How you doin'?

Happy Fourth of July

Bow Man

This is Bow Man.

Corn cobs

Chicago. Trump & Wrigley

Trump and Wrigley

This above video was when we were stuck below for two stops.
Apparently we found something fun to do.

Emma is really such a clown.  Did you know that?
She cracks me up.

If you go to Chicago the bus would be a nice way to see places.  You can get off and get back on at any of the stops.  It's pricey but so are taxi's and parking.... you can do the math and decide.  AND if you get a dopey guide get off that bus at the next stop and wait for another bus to come along.  We should have done this...but like I said, we were getting tired...and actually did not think of it.


I have checked and The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) is not in labor.
Stay tuned.

Maybe they will name their daughter Emma.  That's very English.


See you in the comments!  Thanks for the fantastic responses yesterday!!!

And since so many of us think it will be a girl.....
it will most likely be a boy.
Don't cha know.

Chip, Chip, Charlie, by joe, good show.

Donna Elsie Booba Glyman Boucher


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Video = LOL (reminds me of me and my sisters)

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I rode the red bus in Chicago two years ago and loved it. The guide was funny, informative and very entertaining - loved the story he told about the one red high rise building in Chicago and the lawsuit involved. I enjoyed it so much that I forced my family to take the same tour this last May while we were in town for the daughter's law school graduation. Unfortunately, we also had the lousy, lazy tour guide experience :( We did get off the bus as I wanted to find that great tour guide...found another bus, this guide sounded like he had smoked some weed before work but at least he gave more information. But, this time we were surrounded by young women who would. not. shut. up! although I loved the $40 tour the first time, I can't say the same thing about the repeat tours. And, I think the Tour company should install RECORDED narrations so you get the same information every time.

  3. That is a good idea!!!

  4. Emma must REALLY love Vienna Beef :-) haha

    The only tour I have taken is the Architectural Boat Tour with the official Architectural Society Docent doing the talking. Those folks know their stuff. It was very fun and informative and you see such beautiful things.

    Donna, your photos of the buildings downtown are awesome. They are The Huge. :-)

    1. Julie4:45 PM

      The boat tour was fun and informative (plus I love being by/on the water). Such a different view of things from the boat tour than any other.

    2. -YES to being on the water :-)

  5. Susan, we did the boat tour last summer. It was very nice.

  6. Good times... :) I saw the Buckingham again last night!

    1. LOVE Buckingham Fountain :-)

      I'm looking forward to going downtown in September!!! yay

    2. Julie4:45 PM

      Oh, I love that too. I remember having ice cream or something while we visited there.

  7. Your little snippets of video always make me laugh.

    If ever I get to Chicago I'll know what to do and what to see! The only type of tour I've taken like this is a horse drawn carriage tour in Charleston. We had a good experience, but the girl was not southern and was trying on her southern drawl which wasn't working. ;)

  8. I hope you called the tour company and complained! I am not a complainer by nature, but if you pay good money for a TOUR then I think you should get one

  9. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Patrick in the background of the video...Classic Him! ;)

    sis' cindy :)

  10. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I loved the double decker tour. Went with my then boyfriend/now husband. It was two months into our dating period and had a blast. Chicago is so much fun. He has returned from Afghanistan and trust me, when you are newly married and your loved one is so far away you tend to appreciate the simple things more, like hearing him snore next to you at night. Ok I digress but I wanted to say love your blog and your photography. Always a pleasure to drop by and check out what you have posted. :)

  11. Julie4:44 PM

    We did the double decker and had a wonderful guide - funny AND informative. Also did the architectural boat tour and love it. It has been a long time since we've done anything but drive around the edges to and from Michigan, so it was fun to see the buildings and other things in the downtown area. Thanks for sharing so much of your fun time there!

  12. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I see where Emma gets it doesn't fall far from the tree at all Donna/ YOU crack me up! Karen F.

  13. Fun times IN Chi town my town!!!

    You are so funny. and We are on baby Royal baby watch here too. Nothing like good news for this crazy world we live in

  14. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Hooray for fun in Chicago!
    love and prayers, jep

  15. I want to take the kids on a bus tour of philly this summer. They don't think it sounds that exciting. I told them we need to always be learning : ).

    Tonight they are having a sleepover and they are so loud. I have told them approximately elevently zillion times but, like I just told Gary, I think life is short. Every once in a while it is ok to have a crazy night. I remember when I was young my sister Betsy would have her best friend Stephanie sleep over on Saturday nights. We would pull our little twin beds next to each other and we would stay up far to late laughing and talking. My Daddy would yell down the hall about eleventy zillion times that he had to get up the next day and we had to be quiet.

    We survived.

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