Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby it's cold outside

We usually don't see temp in the 50's in the summer here in Southern Wisconsin.
I don't really mind it.  

It's the idea that summer is 2/3 over and then we will have nine months of cold and that thought is just freaking me out.

And so I obsess.
I wonder how close we are the the cold record for summer.
I wonder if this is what life is like in Alaska.
And I really wonder how they keep their spirits up.

I am thankful that I did not buy a pool pass because the price of a swim would be about $250.
Good thing I went with the pay as you go method.

This graph should explain things perfectly.


So I will shake my head and slap my face and start thinking on the bright side...
cause heaven knows I can not do a thing about it....
but change my thinking.

The door is open, the birds are chirping and the sun is shinning.
It's really quite beautiful out today!


Love ya,


  1. Hi there! It looks beautiful. It's only 61 F here today, and yesterday it was in the high 80's. Thankful for the rainstorm we had last night.

    FYI Anchorage is having a wonderful summer. I believe it's warmer there than in the midwest!

    1. Isn't this weather just incredible?! My whole family came up to visit this summer and our weather has been warmer than Michigan's. We are spending as much time outside as possible because Lord knows we won't have another summer like this for a looong time.

    2. Alaska was due!! Several marginal (read: crumby) summers in a row, not to mention difficult winters. Yay for a good summer in Alaska!

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I hear ya, Miz Boo. Even though it's quite beautiful here in Iowa I'd rather it be a little warmer. I kind of mentally panicked in my head Saturday because it was so cool out. It felt like fall and I am not ready for fall. I have to tell myself to live in the moment! : )

    Sarah P. from Iowa

    1. That's me. Panicking in my head :o/

  3. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I need to move to Wisconsin. It's HOT and HUMID here in North Carolina.

    Jennifer M.

  4. Donna,
    It is gray and 55 here. We haven't had more than one sunny day in over a week. My hope is for warm days coming in Sept. and Oct. I wore coats and a fleece pullover all weekend visiting Monterey. No sun there, either.


  5. I am with you on panicking that its only the end of July and its so cold we think of fall. Ridiculous for sure. We broke records up here in northern MN last night, and were in a frost advisory. Cripes, that is crazy. I am so thankful it didn't get cold enough to put frost on my garden which is way to big to try and cover, or my flowers either. Wendy

  6. Today in northern New Jersey, it's about 80, sunny and very little humidity. Sorry you are experiencing chilly weather! It has been a very odd summer. Two weeks ago we were in the 90's and it was HOT and HUMID! yuck!

    Enjoy your day wherever you are QL readers!

  7. Janice4:32 PM

    Couldn't it just be a cold day? ;)

  8. It could. But it's been 4 in a row. June was a bust.
    Either's good advice to live in the moment.

  9. Aww its odd weather isn't it? It made me very sad today ....reminded me of s c h o o l and I don't even go to there anymore.....
    I like the seasons to be exactly how I imagine them to be.

  10. I wish we could just get a LOW of 50 here! But I understand what your saying. Well, not really, because it won't cool down here much until November. But if I was looking at 9 months of cold weather my psychi would take a hit for sure!Wishing you a warm front!

  11. I'm pregnan with twins his summer, and your 50 degrees is sounding AMAZING right now. It's 100 and hot and humid here in Houston. I do hope you get to enjoy some warm days before your long winter sets in!

  12. Oh!!! Pregnant with twins!!! Exciting!!! And hot! I wish you could come to Wisconsin!

  13. It sounds glorious right now to me, but I don't have to endure your winters. We've had the wettest summer I can remember here in SC this year. We've been indoors most of the summer due to storms, rain and mosquitoes. When it's not raining it's so humid you can hardly breathe. Hopefully fall will be dry and cool so we can get outside!

    (Thanks for the sweet comments. I tried to email a response, but you're a non-reply blogger, so I wasn't able to contact you. ;))

    1. Your blog is great!! My email is

  14. I just get real annoyed, that's all. I'd rather be sweating my butt off than shivering outside simply because it's summer. I don't think it's unreasonable to be upset in your head, because, that's what our head expects! We expect the weather to be warm because we SHOULD expect that in July, it's normal. It's the abnormal that us humans don't like ... We also expect snow on Christmas and would be disappointed without it. Makes sense to me.

  15. It was really cold here this week also. Really cold. Like 70 : ). Today the kids told me they want summer to come back. I told them I would put a special request in.

    That heat wave nearly killed me this year though. HOLY COW! I can not handle 95 degrees and humidity. When did I get so old?

  16. My hubby, kiddos and I just got back from a week long roadtrip going to see mt. rushmore (from kansas city) I loved the cooler nights and days "up there" but was ready for summer temps when I got back home. My mood changes a lot depending on the season and while there are lots of things to love about fall, I always have in the back of my mind that winter's a comin' and it sort of ruins it for me. I so badly wish I was better at living in the moment!


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