Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's pick the baby's name!!! Shall we.


I thought it would be fun to name the royal baby.  Catherine is due this week.  We better get to it!

This is a list I read on this morning.

If it's a girl...

Alexandra — One of Queen Elizabeth's middle names, Alexandra is a steady favourite for the royal baby with odds as high as 2/1 at one point.

Charlotte — A fashionable name among royal circles, Charlotte is the name of the wife of King George III, Queen Charlotte, and also the middle name of Kate Middleton's younger sister, Pippa.

Elizabeth —The Christian name of the current Queen is a likely choice of middle name for the royal baby, to pay tribute to Prince William's grandmother. Elizabeth is also Kate's middle name.

Diana — Prince William may want to pay tribute to his mother, the late Princess Diana, who was well known internationally for her fundraising and charity work. The name means "divine" in Latin and could be a fitting middle name for the royal baby.

Victoria — Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch of the UK, which could inspire Prince William and Kate's choice for their first child, the third in line to the throne.

Caroline — A popular name in royal circles that was brought to England by the wife of King George II, Caroline of Ansbach. The eldest daughter of Prince Rainier III, Princess Caroline of Monaco, also takes the name.

Mary — The royal baby's middle name could be inspired from the famous wife of George V, Queen Mary, who was crowned in 1911. Mary quickly became a favourite in the bookies this year after a mystery man in a top hat placed a hundred-pound bet on the name on his way from the Royal Ascot.

If it's a boy...

George — George has been the consistent frontrunner for the male heir with odds running around 12/1. There have been six King Georges reigning over England including the present Queen's late father who was born Albert but chose to be named King George after his coronation.

James — The name has strong royal ties, with two English Kings and six Scottish Kings named James.

Edward — Edward is an old English name meaning "wealthy guard" that has been used in the royal family since the 11th century. The name would honour the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Edward.

Charles — Prince William and Kate may want to pay tribute to Prince William's father, Prince Charles, in the form of a middle name. There have been two Kings of Britain named Charles, with the name deriving from the French word for "Manly".

Harry — Another possibility is that Prince William will pay tribute to his brother, Harry, whose name is used as a nickname of Henry and Harold and means "home ruler".

Francis — Kate's father's middle name is Francis, and Princess Diana took the female equivalent, so the royal baby may be named after both.

Philip — The royal baby's middle name could pay tribute to William's grandfather, Prince Philip, who recently celebrated his 92nd birthday in June.

Michael — Prince William and Kate may choose Michael as a middle name, after Kate's father, and reminiscent of the Queen's cousin, Prince Michael of Kent.

Wasn't that nice for Hello Magazine to make me such a nice list.

I know that Charles' whole name is Charles Phillip Aurthur George.  I remember this from the wedding.  Diana mixed up the order.
William's full name is William Arthur Phillip Louis
Harry's full name is Henry Charles Albert David
Diana was Diana Francis and Kate is Catherine Elizabeth

If the baby is a best guess is Phillip Charles Michael Francis

If the baby is a best guess is Charlotte Caroline Diana Francis

I see them going traditional.
I just can't wait.

I guess the baby will be born on Sunday July 14, 2013
For the child that's born on the Sabbath day is fair and wise and good and gay.

And I think it will be a ........ girl....who will be QUEEN one day.

What do you think??

Encourage one another,


  1. My money's on Alexandra Elizabeth Diana Caroline for a girl, and Phillip Edward George Louis for a boy. But I think it's a girl, too. We're going to be Aunties! :)

    I've been watching nonstop royal stuff on bbc/YouTube and Netflix. I love it all!

    1. Or Elizabeth Alexandra and call her Bess or Lexie Eliza...

    2. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Steph!!! I was going to say Elizabeth as a middle name, but that they would call her Bess!!! Great-wanna-be-British minds think alike, I guess!!!

      Mary Z

    3. I love your names!!!!

    4. Indeed. Auntie Janet. =)

  2. Janice10:10 AM

    You're going to be Aunties! That's perfect!

  3. My 50th birthday is July 25 and my first name is Charlotte. So I'll go with those. ;) I know July 25th is a long wait, so I'll say July 16th.

  4. Dawn K10:22 AM

    My guess for a girl: Alexandra Elizabeth Victoria Diana. For a boy: James William Charles Phillip. I'm guessing it's a girl. And I'm voting for July 12. Does the winner get a T-shirt?

  5. My guess is Caroline Elizabeth Diana Francis for a girl and for a boy I guess Philip James Francis Michael.
    I think this baby will be a boy and that he will be born on July 17th.
    Isn't it fun to guess?

  6. I pick Tuesday the 16th, because "Tuesday's child is full of grace." Which reminds me of this baby's full of grace.

    Name guesses:

    Charlotte Diana Elizabeth Francis. Love the name Charlotte, and I would have named a girl Charlotte if my silly husband had not recoiled in horror (-:

    Edward Charles Philip Francis. But I hope it is a girl.

    Whether boy or girl, this baby sure will be cute.

    What do we win if we are right, Donna? (-:

    1. Di, I was going to say Charlotte Diana also - I like your name a lot.

      My Grandmother's middle name was Charlotte and I have always loved it.

    2. I have a young friend named Charlotte. We call her Lottie. She's adorable.

    3. Julie1:03 PM

      Oh, Carol, I love Lottie for a girl. That gets my vote.

    4. Little Lottie was on my first list, too. I just love it.

  7. I would have guessed most of those names except Francis, Charlotte, and Alexandra, but obviously they all make sense.

    I agree that Diana will find a way into the name if it is a girl.

  8. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I say girl with the name:
    Victoria Elizabeth Diana Frances

    If it happens to be a boy, I go with:
    Albert George Charles Francis

    Birthdate: July 11th

    Mary Z

    P.S. My middle name is Elizabeth and how geeky is it that I'm excited to maybe share a portion of the name with this already beloved baby?!?

  9. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Having lived in the UK for a few years, this birth is going to be an incredible event.

    Regardless of whether or not you support the monarchy, I 'm just thrilled that this baby will be the first in line to lead the monarchy when the time comes. William and Kate get my vote for bringing the United Kingdom into the 21st century!

    And, of course, I think any combination of names, with MARY in it, would be great! (I'm not biased at all!).

    --Mary from Wheaton

  10. It's no wonder Diana mixed up Charles's names in their ceremony; they are a mouthful!

    I like James because Jamie is cute for a boy. But I agree with the majority that it will likely be a girl.

    I chimed in with Di above ^^ I like Charlotte Diana


    Alexandra Diana would be nice too.

    My guess is Monday, July 15th.

    I think I need to run down to the train station and buy a copy of Hello Magazine !

    1. Anonymous11:07 PM

      Susan, my son is James and we call him Jamey. :)
      Mary Z

  11. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I am holding out for July 17th's my anniversary...
    I really like Charlotte the first two names....
    feel it is a girl...but for a boy
    I like George Philip Michael Charles

  12. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I'm liking Charlotte Alexandrina Victoria Diana for a girl and James Charles Frederick William for a boy. And I'll guess the baby will be born on Monday, July 15th, most likely a boy. By the way, that light pink coat and hat Kate is wearing in the photo are to die for. Absolutely beautiful. Does the contest winner get a box of Twining's Tea? : )
    Debbie Z.

  13. Julie1:02 PM

    Popping in quick to give my two cents. For a girl - Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Catherine. For a boy - George Charles Philip William. I think it's a girl (and love Carol in Oregon's Lottie if it's Charlotte). And I'll choose Thursday, July 18. So exciting!

  14. I'm loving all these regal sounding names you guys are spewing out!! I'm not going to pick, but rather wait to see who nails it!!! I will say that it sure will be disappointing and sad if they don't incorporate Diana though if it's a darling daughter and I am so hoping it is. Won't she be just lovely? Following QL closely as I know the "baby announcement" will arrive Johnny on the spot here!!!!

    1. they are amazingly fancy names, aren't they?

      Maybe I should cast my vote for Brittany Wendy Nancy Gwendolyn ? ;-)

    2. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Susan, you made me laugh out loud and I needed to laugh today!

      However, for a real name I vote for: Alexandra Elizabeth Diana Victoria or if it is a boy George Henry Philip Charles and since I have a dear friend born on July 18th, I pick that date.

      love and prayers, jep

    3. Hilarious, Susan!


    4. Anonymous10:43 PM

      Susan~ (LIKE) too funny!

      I'm not going to pick a brain can't think that hard right now. But, I think it's going to be a girl and she'll be born this Monday, July 15th.

      Sarah P. from Iowa

  15. For a girl: Charlotte Diana Elizabeth Victoria
    For a boy: James Henry Edward Michael
    Date of birth guess: Sunday, July 14th
    Gender: Female

    This is fun and exciting!!

  16. Girl: Victoria Elizabeth Diana Francis
    Boy: James William Charles Michael

    July 12

    So fun. :)

  17. I think she is having a girl, July 15th, Elizabeth Diana Victoria Mary. i am so tired, I can't even think about boy names.

    I love this post Donna! You are so much fun!

  18. I would love if the baby was named after Diana. That would make me so happy.

    Even if it was a boy ; )

  19. If this were a horse race, I think you could bet on Diana being in the list of names and among the top three without a doubt and come out a big winner! Diana, Catherine, and Elizabeth are my top three in no particular order. I hope it's a girl. She will be dressed so adorably! She will also be very classy after her grandmother and her mother.
    If it's a boy, I think they might name him after William. They could call him Willie! I wouldn't name my child after offense but he is not someone I would want to duplicate. If it's a boy I think he'll be a bit of a rebel...just a prediction! Date, I'm going to say July 17th. That's the day I was suppose to go to Wyoming but couldn't afford to go...I hoping that will be a good day for somebody!

  20. hmmm I think she will deliver on Monday...I dunno why.
    I say the name should be Donna Kathleen...

  21. I think it will be a GIRL, Caroline Alexandra Elizabeth Diana, sometime on Monday. Totally see them going traditional with this as well.

    I'll be shocked if it's a boy. I don't know why. It's felt like a girl to whole time to me, for what it's worth. If it IS a boy -- Phillip George William Francis.

  22. Anonymous3:46 PM

    James is a strong name and one that with not offend others in the royal running of those ones to name after. The middle names can be used there instead, such as: James William Charles (Michael)

    1. Anonymous3:52 PM

      In fact, they could reference the royal lad JW (James William)


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