Monday, July 22, 2013

The Duchess of Cambridge is in labor.


4:24 pm London time.
The Duchess of Cambridge safely delivers a BOY!!!

8 lbs 6 oz.

Well done, you.



I am so excited.  


Keep Calm and Carry on.



Katie played beach volleyball in Milwaukee yesterday.  The girls scrimmaged and practiced on the beach for three hours.  

Three glorious hours.

Badger Beach Volleyball!!

I can say that because I found the perfect spot in the shade...up high where I could see everything. (I sat in the building pictured above.)
It was sunny but not too hot.  The girls worked so hard and looked like they were learning and being challenged.  


The beach was clean and the parking abundant.

She's gonna be exhausted

We drove by the Milwaukee Art Museum.
It is always a huge thrill to see this gorgeous building.
The man in the truck next to me was watching me take this picture.  He was talking to me.
We are stopped at a red light.


Guess where we are!?

We stopped at Kopps in Brookfield.  Kopps is famous for their custard.
We had chicken sandwiches and custard.

I highly recommend a visit to Milwaukee!  Every time I go there I think it is such a treasure.
The Brewers, the beaches, the museum....

Highly recommended!!!



The Duchess' labor is progressing normally.

Encourage one another and Go Kate Go!


  1. "Up high " and In the "Shade" JUST LIKE AT WRIGLEY With me!!!!!! You have a knack for the perfect spot!

    Here's hoping the Royal baby will have amazing Apgars. God Bless the very public little one!

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      "amazing Apgars"! You can tell what field you work in, kathyb!! :)

      Mary Z

  2. I was thinking of you this morning as soon as I heard Dutchess Kate was in labor!

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Me too. ; )

      Sarah P. from Iowa

    2. I did, too! And I loved Janet's facebook comment...that her husband woke her to tell her that Kate was in labor. Good man!


    3. Di, it was a very proud moment. I smiled through the exhaustion. ;)

  3. Jenny B10:05 AM

    I like you cannot wait to meet that little baby! I love Kate and her Prince Charming!

  4. Anonymous10:16 AM

    That beach looks glorious. I'm thinking a trip to Chi-town and Milwaukee is in order for me and my family someday.

    Keeping tuned in to the Royal news today!! Even my grandpa mentioned it this morning. Now, that is funny!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Three cheers for royal babies, beach volleyball and custard!!

    Mary Z

  6. So excited to welcome Charlotte Diana Elizabeth Francis (-: Monday's child is fair of face (-:

    But I would be willing to welcome Edward Charles Philip Francis, too!

    I love the pictures of the volleyball "court." Is it a lot harder playing in the sand? (As if I can play it on a hard surface!) I bet Katie was Tired, but she sure is cute when she is tired. And if my husband lived near a place famous for their custard, he would be very happy.

    Bren is taking the summer off from basketball, but he was a vacation sub yesterday...six weeks without basketball and we were so ready to be back at the ridiculously loud and smelly and hot basketball gym. We are addicts. It's confirmed.

    Happy Royal Baby Day, all,


  7. I truly thought of you first when I saw the newsfeed early this morning. Squeee!

  8. CAN'T WAIT.

    In an Anglican Tizzy over here.


    And a HUGE gig tonight at the club. How will I ever concentrate?!?!

  9. I had so much fun explaining the whole announcement process to Lauren.....I did it in my best British accent and she walked away skipping saying..."oh royalty". :)

  10. went away...skipping...

  11. There is a small possibility that my husband will be offered a job which will move us to Milwaukee (from Texas). I have to admit, one thought I had was "maybe Miz Boucher can take our family photos!" :) I am silly like that.

  12. That would be wonderdful Chrystal!!!

  13. I really thought it would be a girl. Can't wait to see him and hear the name.

  14. Jenny B3:21 PM

    Glad you knew. I was going to tell you if you hadn't heard! Yeah, Kate!

  15. I really thought it was a darling daughter too - still thrilled for them all!

    Donna, I will gladly meet you in Milwaukee the last week of September. :-)

  16. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Just popping in to see the update! : )

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  17. How very exciting!!! BIG :)

  18. LOVE Milwaukee ... go there whenever I have a chance. Their lakefront is one of the BEST around ... a well-kept secret!!

    Well done, Kate ... so happy mom and heir are doing well ;-)

  19. I was looking for news on the royal baby... And I came here! Haha, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Can't wait til they show him!


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