Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Welcome little Prince

Out they came with the little Prince in baby blue and polka dots.

William and Catherine were lovely in every way.
William said the baby had Catherine's looks...thankfully and he said the baby had more hair than he did.
Catherine said it was emotional and that all families know what this is like.

Her little baby lump was quite apparent, which surprised me that she had any tummy at all.
So good for her.  I like her even more for sporting her baby lump.

And the polka dots.
A nod to Diana no doubt.

Love. Love. Love.





Now...go home and put your jammies on.


Guess who had a baby yesterday?
Jimmy Fallon and his wife.
It's a GIRL for Jimmy and Nancy.

I did not know she was even seems to have been a secret.

Welcome and Cheers!

As I always say, "The happiest days are when babies are born."
It's a quote from Gone with the Wind in case you ever wondered.

Encourage one another,


  1. Isn't that just a super beautiful baby? I was so so happy for them.

  2. That last picture of William does me in...he looks so sober and paternal.

    There is a picture that Ann Voskamp posted of Kate and William and baby facing the media...and what the extent of that media was? Oh my. God bless those royals for doing so well with it all.

    The polka dots were perfect.

    Now for that name!


    1. Di, I've been looking for thwt picture and can't find it - any link from you?? Would love to see it...

  3. They are such a sweet family and they look absolutely blissful.

  4. I heard that we waited a week for Williams name and Charles was a whole month!

  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Yes, the polka dots were perfect.
    And she wore high heels?! Are you kidding me? I couldn't even tie my new tennis shoes for two weeks after I had Sophia because my feet were so swollen. : )

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  6. When he was talking about the baby's birth being emotional and special William reminded me SO much of his Mom. I thought about them last night when I was going to bed around 11:00 my time and wondered if they were up with the baby in the early morning hours across the pond.....That quote from GWTW is perfection.

    1. Melene - I was doing the same thing at bedtime last night, doing the math in my head to determine BST and wondering if anyone was stirring at that hour in their home.

  7. awww, I watched and rewatched the big moment when I got home from working iin NEwborn Nursery last night!!!

  8. Mammy: This sure is a happy day to me. I done diapered three generations of this family's girls and it sure is a happy day. Melanie quote: Oh, yes, Mammy. The happiest days are when babies come.

  9. I love that she faced the media with her baby lump. So real unlike all the Hollywood divas!

  10. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I wondered if Kate saw pictures afterwards and thought, What was I thinking?

    It is a nice change from those Hollywood divas!

    Jennifer M.

    1. I hope not! She was so lovely. I can't even tell you what I looked like - or how much I was gushing - at that stage. It would NOT have been a pretty sight...

    2. Over share. Sorry. Story of my life...

  11. Anonymous11:30 AM

    What an absolutely beautiful and sweet family. Thank you, Donna, for all the royal updates. I know you will let us know right away when you hear what the baby's name is! What a cute, chubby face he has.
    Debbie Z.

  12. Anonymous11:40 AM

    These pictures make me smile!! The loving faces, swaddled babe, little fingers, polka-dot dress, dad's arm on mom's back, Diana's ring.... it is all so beautiful. <3

    Mary Z

    1. Nodding over here in total agreement.

      Loved loved loved the baby lump. Sweet!

  13. The baby's name is George Alexander Louis.

    Prince George.

    1. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Just heard and came here to make sure you knew....I should have know you would!
      Long live Prince George!!

      Mary Z

  14. I am in Scotland right now on vacation. I bought two commemorative newspapers about this lovely event. They are a precious little family :-)

  15. For Diana's Wedding, I was 11 and I watched it at TV with star in the eyes, looking for the 1st time to a REAL princess... She died in the night of MY wedding and I cried for days, even during our honeymoon.
    So, to see her son, who made me cry too when I saw them walking behind the funeral car, having a child right now, touch me a lot. As a lot of people I guess. Welcome baby boy, the entire world is looking at you.
    ... Whoua ... NOT TOO HEAVY ?? :)

  16. PS : did you notice kate is wearing a blue dress with white points. Diana was wearing a green dress with white points.


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