Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good Morning!
How's it going?

First off, I'd like to share something important;

My son's girlfriend Shelby asked that I post this link for her.  Tim Booton is her beloved dance teacher's husband.  He was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012.  The Booton family means a whole lot to's not like her reach out like this....but this family in need is close to her heart.

Help for Tim

Won't you check it out?
Thanks so much!

Bless you Tim and Sue!


A few months ago Cheryl was reading the Mindy book and she told me how funny it was.


I looked it over at Target the other day.....

Too cute. Little mindy.

and THIS picture of Mindy on the back of the book....made me buy it.

Oh my gosh.


Just tells you something about the author, don't you think?

FYI, Mindy is a comedy writer, actor on The Office and now has her own show called The Mindy Project.

And yes, the book is very readable and very funny.


#over #app @megangilger

I wonder what I will do when my life doesn't revolve around a child.
I'm so thankful that God gave us Katie.

Driving Miss Katie is a good thing.

Encourage one another,


  1. OK...that back picture cover is awesome!

    "Driving Miss Katie is a good thing." I feel the same way about my kiddo. ♥

  2. Amy J in WI10:12 AM

    Just put the Mindy book on hold at the library. Looks funny and light...perfect for these hot summer days. Happy driving!

  3. My son is 17 now...and I am wondering...
    I know I will always be a mom, but nurturing is in my bones - and I wonder, what do I have left to nurture (my maybe answer: my garden; and maybe some chickens...)
    Thank goodness for our children. They give life meaning :)

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Thanks for the book recommendation.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Sarah P. from it's super hot in Iowa

  5. I spent yesterday with a group of scouts who are working on merit badges. The other boys are older brothers, and their moms were so happy to have someone else work with their sons. Brennan is my last, and I am so happy to be with him while I can. I got a little teary eyed as we listened to music with the windows down on the way home. These days are flying by. Claire and Bren are our Home Team. Soon they will all be on the Away Team. I am not ready...and I think I better start GETTING ready.

    Great glasses on Mindy. I will have to check and see if the book is at our library. I love a good laugh. As you well know (-:

    Happy Wednesday all,

    1. Our library has the book! Yippee skippee!


  6. THis is why I'm a cat foster/cat lover/ and why I have a Change of Life baby : magpie the blind kitten. IM a nurturer!

    Al loved that book!

  7. Prayers for Tim and his family.

  8. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Thanks to Shelby for introducing us to Tim. Prayers for him and all who love him. I hate cancer.

    You are so very lucky to be driving Miss Katie. She's a gem. :)

    Mary Z

  9. Praying ~

    Bless your heart Donna - I am here to say that wonderful things do happen, even after the last has flown the nest :-)

  10. you will knit, and read, and write, and watch tv. just like you do now. but you will have more time to travel and see grandkids. and you won't have to worry about gas prices or rush hour traffic. everything is going to be okay. even when you do not have kids at home.

  11. Oh yes! The back picture would have sold me too.
    Your last sentence made me cry.
    I really thought Kaishon would not want me around any more this summer since he is 13. Thankfully, he and his little crew, still need my transportation. I am so thankful for them. Every day with every ride. I am glad you have Katie.


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