Friday, July 19, 2013

Ringtones ...and dance

This is my new ringtone.

Just this morning I am watching this official video....
Who knew it was a little history of dance! ?

Do you remember this?

I would guess this was the first 'viral' video on youtube.  It is from 2007.

Which makes me think of this--

Oh Will.
Oh Carlton.

And then this adorable dance from Sytycd.
This is Lauren and Billy.

But back to ringtones...

What is your ringtone?


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  2. "Crazy" sung by Patsy Klein
    Kinda sums things up for me :)

    (don't even know why I'm signed in as Joy)

  3. I know you too well. I put that vid up on Katie's page months ago and said you both would like the song and the video :) glad you're watching it now!

    someday I hope to dance as well as dream.

  4. My ring tone is the same one that came when I first got the phone : )
    Rrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiing, rrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiing, rrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

    Happy Friday. I hope your phone rings a lot today so you can hear that cool song.

    1. Patrick has the old fashioned ring

  5. Yes. I didn't see Katie's wall....but I remember you saying that...
    Thank you for the heads up Emma Jean.
    It's adorable.

  6. my ringtone is the JEOPARDY Theme....he ehee

  7. I have some silly electronic thing that came with my phone. I would love a fun ring. I would choose Route 101 by Herb Alpert.

    Dumb Phone Di

  8. The trumpet in this song reminded me of herb and I almost posted a video of him :)

  9. My phone is dumb, so it's just a standard ring. My iPod and iPad use, of course, the Westminster Chimes. ;)

  10. I have three: "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" by Cat Stevens and Downton Abbey for most everyone. I use the James Bond theme is for my husband Ron--only the best :).


    1. I have Cat S. and Downton Abbey too :)

  11. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Thanks for the laughs and great videos!! Nice break from my brain busting work I'm doing right now. These insurance papers are hurting my brain. I have a dumb ringtone on my phone. Nothin' special.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  12. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Alison, that reminds me of when we convinced my daughter to use the Darth Vader theme song for her ring tone when her fiance called. That was good for a laugh from someone new every time it rang! My son has "Oh where is my cell phone" by Veggie Tales (tune of Where is my hairbrush) and then one for me that says "Pick up the phone, it's your mother!" but I just have one of the electronic doo-dads that came with my phone.
    Liz in CO

  13. Anonymous1:21 PM

    My ringtone is KEllY CLARKSON...........belting out "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller....."

    Very fitting for my life right now :) Karen F.

  14. For whatever reason, none of those videos even appeared for me - bu remember the history of dance, and it cracks me up!!

  15. I'm totally CRAZY about Will and Carlon ! I use to love Carlton's dance ! Thank you for reminding them to me :D

  16. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Will and Carlton's dance reminded me of a fun video...Baseball Players dancing during rain delays!! So cute to watch those boys! If you are a fan of baseball...the are cute YOU TUBES!

    sis' cindy :)

  17. That video is amazing! I can only imagine how long it took to edit all those images together.


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