Thursday, July 25, 2013

On this side of the pond....

After last nights softball game, in which Katie's team won, Patrick and I got in his truck and and Katie jumped on her bike.  We live very close to the field and we watched for Katie on her we crossed Cross Country Rd. there she was up ahead of us.  She looked back and spotted us and started peddling like mad!!!  I made Patrick beep the horn wildly to let her know we were on her tail and we were gonna beat her.  But we did not!

She beat us home and that is the Huge for a 13 year old.

She beat us home on her bike. Proud moment.

Here are some pretty pictures I took of Katie a few days ago.




Aperture 1.4,  Lens 50,  Exposure 1/2000, Iso 400
Time of shoot. 7:15 ish


Melinda posted this video of happy Malachi last night.
It is the cutest video EVAH!

Encourage one another,

P.s.  Oh yes.  Baby Prince is named George in case you are depending on me to deliver the news :oP
I guarantee it sounds much sweeter with an British accent.


  1. Gorgeous photos of Katie! My word that's some crazy wide open aperture and super sharp!! I still struggle with those types. Always end up out of focus a bit. Perseverance is the name of the game!

    Your grandson is so precious. I miss those moments when they discover how to do something new. I have a similar video of Natalie when she was a few months old. I love looking back and marveling at how quickly 10 years has gone by.



  2. Katie looks gorgeous as always, and Malachi-what a doll! Still waiting on our little one to really laugh. I tried taking a picture of my boys together on the couch yesterday, and Eli (the 4-year-old) kept sticking baby Asher's finger in his nose. Boys! The resulting picture WAS pretty funny though! Had to put that one on our blog to be remembered :)

  3. Malachi~~ big smile here. He is adorable!

  4. Love the video - for whatever reason, Donna, it opened and works perfectly. Were the ones you posted earlier in the week also youtube videos? The plot thickens.

    And the only thing I'm thinking as I watch the video, as I revel in his cuteness... Is trying to figure out what soap opera Melinda is watching in th background ;)

    1. ugly betty on netflix :)

    2. i love it. so glad i decided to watch it. my favorite shows i have watched on netflix... lost. roseanne (it's not on anymore, i wanted to watch it again). ugly betty.

  5. Have you heard? Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. :-)

  6. Way to go, Katie. A win and beating Dad and Mom home!

    Lovely pics and video. Time is flying, and I can see it in your family's sweet faces.

    Off to enjoy Thursday,

  7. Amy J in WI10:48 AM

    Matthew and Melinda make cute babies. Does Malachi look like Asher? I think so....

    Way to go, Katie. Beating the 'rents - always cool, no matter the age.

  8. Adorable video of Malachi and Katie is gorgeous as always!

  9. Malachi is adorable.. he is so intent on his smiling and his whole body syncs with his joy!!!

    Katie; such a lovely lady! That lace top makes her look older......

  10. This video is soooooo cute, Donna !! I love when Malachi laughs with Melinda Sue ! His eyes seems so curious and awake to life. Just as he was just after his birth :)

  11. That is huge for Katie to beat you guys in the vehicle. She is such a pretty girl.
    That's the sweetest little baby video ever.
    I didn't think about it like that, but now that you mention it I'm sure George sounds much better with a British accent. ;)

  12. I knew those hiccups were coming !! Seems like when they get to laughing like that, hiccups are the next step. He is a little doll. So alert and excited.

  13. Yay the video works tor me today -- he is a darling fellow!!!

    Props to Katie - she is a star. And the pica are really lovely.

  14. **PICS ** typing on my kindle is always a bit of a struggle.

  15. I wonder if it is just vine videos that don't work. I know on my nook when I click on a vine it takes me to the app page to download it instead of playing it.


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