Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ain't it the truth!

Karen Andreola; on why narration is such a valuable tool;


"With living books a child gains knowledge through his own work, digging out facts and information. He then expresses what he has learned by clothing it in literary (conversational) language - in short, narrating it back to you.

Miss Mason believed that narration is the best way to acquire knowledge from books. Narration also provides opportunities for a child to form an opinion or make a judgment, no matter how crude. Because narration takes the place of questionnaires and multiple-choice tests, it enables the child to bring all the faculties of his mind into play. The child learns to call on the vocabulary and descriptive power of good writers as he tells his own version of the passage or chapter."

Perhaps you would like to read more about a Charlotte Mason education.

This type of learning will suit little Katie to a tee. She would rather tell me about an activity than do it :o) When she was learning to climb the stairs, she narrated her trip up the stairs!

She is going to be great company for me in my old age :o)
Sure hope she doesn't mind repeating herself.

Encourage one another,

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