Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Love 'em!

This pair of socks is almost too pretty to wear...and stretch out. I like them just the way they are :o)


Christmas Shopping

We went shopping at Target late yesterday afternoon for our Christmas child gifts! What a whirlwind!
Thank you for the dollar amounts you all shared yesterday. It helped me greatly to have a pre-decided cost before we walked in the store.

Katie wanted to buy everything she saw...everything!
Matthew (who would be financing his own box) headed down the sporting goods aisle and came up with some great rubber balls.
Emma thoughtfully and quietly filled her box.

I think we have a new tradition. It's a great way to start off the Christmas season...thinking of others first.

Thanks toLinda for sharing her boxes on her blog last week(Monday Nov. 8th). She encouraged me to get off my bum and just do it! And God Bless Franklin Graham for his vision and hard work.

So, Christmas is really coming...

Does anyone else get the feeling of dread this time of year when they realize how much Christmas shopping needs to be done? The cost of the whole thing freaks me out and the choosing of the right gifts makes my head spin!

Better start making lists.
I'll think about how we will pay for everything...tomorrow.

It'll all work always does...

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