Monday, November 08, 2004

The Northern lights were flicking down upon us last night. I don't know why they showed up so far South? But they danced about the sky all night.

Do you remember when businesses used searchlights to announce their grand openings? Bright beams of light criss-crossing the sky. Made this little girl long to go and see what the excitement was all about.

Do you remember when used car dealerships strung their lots with thousands of plastic flags. The noise those flags made in the wind is

Kind of like the sound of playing cards clipped to your bicycle wheel with a clothes pin :o)

And how about the crackly sound made by the speaker at a drive in theater?

Or a skipping record.

I love how certain sights, sounds and smells can take you back in time!
It's shocking how much we forget as we get older. Whole years!

Makes me want to spice things up a little bit around here!

What sense memory was triggered by reading this blog entry? Anything?

Off to spice it up :o)

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