Monday, November 01, 2004


I mentioned at the Well Trained Mind board that I had graduated from Hillsdale College.

This morning, I saw that Leslie replied, "I'm impressed...I wish I'd had the vision in high school to shoot for more than the local state U."

Here was my response;

Oh Leslie...if you only knew,

It was a fluke...or providence.
I was at a woman's college and was miserable for my first two years of college. I asked around if anyone knew of a small college that was co-ed. One girl said, Hillsdale is a small school, that is co-ed.

So I visited. Thought it was pretty. And went.

Absolutely. no. vision.

I am more and more impressed with Hillsdale lately.
They have done nothing but improve (in my opinion) since I graduated in 1979.

And by the way. Hillsdale was not very hard to get in to back in the day. I was always an average student.

Ya know...I have one college grad and one son who went to college for a year and is now working...and really as much as I try to instruct and direct...children that age want to make up their own minds and go where they want to go...or not think about it at all.

Perhaps I should be 'programming' Katie (4) now.

Don't be hard on yourself.
You are where you are now, because of where you have been.

Forward :o)

Hit her over the head with the providence thing :o)

I don't know what Leslie's faith is so I didn't want to be obnoxious about the providence thing. But that is what I believe it was.

Me walking a sleep walker...God turning my shoulders.

It is one of the times when I can see God's definite interference :o)

He uses just about anybody to influence us. Isn't that odd. Not parents and siblings and teachers and Pastors like you would expect. Just plain old acquaintances.

One other time I remember taking directions was in a court house in Wheaton when I was just 18. I was washing my hands speaking to my attorney and I told her I didn't think college was for me. She said, "Stay in college."

So I did.

Don't you find it reassuring that someone is watching over your children...gently guiding them.

I do.

Encourage one another,

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