Saturday, November 27, 2004

The good the bad and the blurry

The Good-
Everyone's home.
Bowling on Thanksgiving.
Ice Skating with the relatives.
My darling new 'Anniversary' purse.
Matthew's comment about my turkey and gravy, "This is the best thing you make! I don't even like to eat anyone else's gravy."

The Bad-
Loud Anti-Union, Anti-Airlines, Pro-Universal Health Care discussion at the dinner table dominated by one very opinionated person.
Not buying my darling anything for our Anniversary.

The Blurry-

The Excuse-
I didn't have my glasses with me so I couldn't see if the photos were blurry or not...if the 'models' had their eyes open...or not...

The Resolve-
Remember glasses.
Buy husband gift for anniversary next year.
Make turkey and gravy for Christmas.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend with old big home :o)

Encourage one another,

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