Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A good report

I received an email yesterday morning from Lisa sharing great news.

I am a fellow WTM homeschool mom and often read your
blog for inspiration. Anyway, a few days ago I read
about the $10 unclaimed insurance money you got and
for fun checked on the unclaimed assets in my state,
California. Up popped two claims, one for my mil and
one for my sil for $3,000 each-dividends from on old
investment that they never received.

Our state, California, is holding $2.9 billion in
unclaimed assets, of which $200 million was recovered
last year. It is so strange how these companies lose
track or their customers/clients!

I also found 25 shares of stock for my sister and
there is something in Conn. for my grandfather.

Alas, nothing for Lisa...but I hope she gets invited out to lunch for being such a good little detective!

A bad report

My sister Janet writes this morning for urgent prayer. Janet's dear brother-in-law and sister-in-law brought home a baby boy from the hospital last week in hopes of adopting him. It seems the birth father may have changed his mind and has other plans for the baby.

Here is a portion of Janet's letter;

Please pray, Donna. Our hearts are aching, we've already grown to love this precious little boy, can't even begin to understand the pain B and S are going through. They meet tomorrow, both birth parents, B and S and the case worker. Please pray. Pray also that all of us can accept the will of God and be thankful. Love Janet.

I will be praying Janet...and I know our friends all over the world will be joining us.


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