Thursday, November 04, 2004

We're rich!

Last month I saw a news story about "Unclaimed Insurance Money in Wisconsin."
The reporter gave a website address.

Oh goody. That's easy enough.

So I logged on and started searching around.
I typed in my name first. Nothing.
I typed in my husbands name. Nothing.
I typed in my long deceased father-in-law's name. Two.


Two unclaimed insurance policies!

WooHoo! We're rich.

So I call Patrick Sr. at work and tell him of our good fortune and ask if I can send away for the information. He asks me to wait until he gets a chance to read the site.

Alright. :o(

Later that evening, (o.k. maybe as soon as he walked in the door)
Patrick reads the website and sends away for our fortune.

A week later(shocking, I know) two letters come in the mail.
Patrick opens them and all he sees is a long list of information the government needs in order to process our request.

I start dreaming away. How much could it be? Of course, we will have to share it with Patrick's brothers and sisters. Maybe now we can get a new bed!!! *rubbing hands together* A vacation would be nice!

Then I pick up the letters to take a peek. In a little box, in the upper right hand corner, is the place where the amounts are revealed. (dear hubby couldn't see this little box without his glasses.)

The first letter revealed a total of $0.00
And the second letter....$10.58.

We all just burst out laughing! This was just too funny and too typical :o)

But ya know what?

We are rich, nonetheless.

Rich in faith and love and health and humor.

I love to laugh, ha, ha, ha, ha, loud and long and clear!

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