Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Email from abroad

Janet sent me a funny email the other day. She has friends who are humanitarian workers in China.
Here are some of John's favorite Chinese phrases.

"An old friend and I got together to eat noon rice (lunch) last week. I always look forward to seeing him because we wear one pair of pants (we agree on almost everything). I took a rent out car (taxi), but the driver went past the restaurant and we had to drop head (do a U turn). That really jammed up the traffic which was messy 7's and 8's (total chaos). Another driver got really upset with us, and told us to roll egg (Get lost).

When I entered the restaurant, my friend was waiting for me. We found a table and just sat around blowing cow (chatting). I told him that my old big (first born) recently had a birthday party that was hot noise (great fun). Old two (second born) is doing well in school. My old three (third born) is my heart liver treasure (the apple of my eye). Life is good now, but we know that life can be sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy (life has its ups and downs).

I enjoyed my meal. However, my friend was having a case of pulled intestines (crampy diarrhea). So he just sipped a glass of tasty mouth laughable (Coca Cola). I look forward to being with him again."

Pretty cute, huh?
My favorites are 'my old big' and 'tasty mouth laughable'.

John's wife Karen adds,

"We will host Thanksgiving at our house this week. Two other families will join us. We have ordered a turkey, which has to be imported from Utah, I think. It costs a lot more than what we would pay in the US, but it's worth it. We try to make holidays very special here, as that is often when we are most homesick."

A turkey all the way from Utah. Wow!

If you are so inclined, remember John and Karen (Janet's college friends) as they help out in China...a world away...especially at Thanksgiving.

John and his small friends in China.

Encourage one another,

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