Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The wind is gusting so hard it is making the doors rattle and the house crackle.
Did I tell you we have a very noisy house? We have vinyl siding and that stuff creaks, peeps and squeaks. I have wondered if there are mice or bats in the walls due to all of the squeaking. Weird.
Who knew?

Thank you for all of the great advice about vacuums and nightmares.

Katie jumped and startled only once last night...and so did I :o)
She did not need any comforting by that was nice that she wasn't too frightened.
Neither of us remember our scary dreams this morning.

We are memorizing "I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone O lord make me dwell in safety."

I have ordered Miss Spider's Tea Party, Miss Spider's Wedding...and two other Miss Spider books from the library.

We talked and prayed and talked some more about it last night...

I think the spray bottle is a clever and great idea...I just didn't get around to that one yet :o)

About the vacuums...

I still don't know how one would empty the Dyson. Do you dump the dirt and dust right from the machine into the garbage can?

(I have a bagless machine and do not like the dust floating everywhere when I empty the canister....and scrape at the little filters. Ew. It is much messier than a paper vacuum bag. for me.)

So come on Dyson owners, fess up.
What's the scoop?


Here are socks made from the yarn Sister Sue sent me for my birthday.
Aren't they fun! I decided, on purpose, not to match them. There is enough yarn left to make at least one more pair of socks. We really like this style of sock in our house (the anklet) and they are pretty quick to knit.
Which I like :o)
Emma especially likes I am sure we will be sharing them :o)

Opal Yarn
Size Two needles


And speaking of anklets.

The first day of school in Wheaton (I was in 5th grade) I was informed by Janet Bitterman that,
"We do not wear anklets, we wear knee socks!"

I was so embarrassed, and kinda surprised that someone could be so snooty to me.
When I got home I told my mom...
And she bought me some knee socks.

Thanks Mom :o)

You never know what your children will remember about you, what they will appreciate.

Encourage one another,


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