Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One of the very first entries I wrote for this blog was about how knitting takes courage.

Today I will share my belief that God created knitting in order to humble us.

You see, even tho I have been knitting most of my life, the idea of learning a new technique from a book is beyond me.

You see the hat above?

Where I joined the colors you will see gaps and knots (in the back) and messiness.

I am humbled by the hat....by my inability to understand the written explanation.

Set me next to someone who can show me...I am much more likely to understand.

So all of you beginning knitters out there. I understand.


I came to a good part of The Count of Monte Cristo last night. Edmond and Abbe' have meet. Abbe' has helped Edmond figure out why he was sent to jail without a trial by asking excellent, thoughtful questions. Edmond's innocence unravels as he realizes what has been done to him and by whom.


How about that green grass in the above picture?
It has been covered with white two times already this fall. But our strange weather has brought it back to green. Today the green is dusted with white again.



I am almost done with my fabulous mittens.
I hope the hat was my piece of knitting humble pie for the week.

Have mercy!

Encourage one another

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