Thursday, November 10, 2005

Do you remember last January when our identity was stolen? When ten-thousand dollars was written on our checks?

Well, today we were all set to go to the Dane County courthouse to answer the D.A.'s questions. The court date was set for Tuesday Nov. 15.

Last night we received a call from the D.A.'s assistant informing us that Old What's Her Name has taken the plea. She does not want to go to trial and is taking whatever they have to offer. Which I don't know yet. (Cause I was listening to a message on the machine and not LIVE)

I do hope she has to serve SOME time.
Can you imagine causing so much havoc for so many and stealing from so many others...and not going to jail?

I would have liked going the trial. We would have had to testify.
Bong. Bong.

I could have taken Old What's Her Name her mail.
Her Sam's club card is almost expired. You know, the one with my name and address on it.
Bong. Bong.

I could have gone up to the Target Rep and asked them if I could now write checks in their store that they can see, I am a different person than Old What's Her Name.

Bong. Bong.

I coulda been a contenda. I coulda been somebody.
Oops. Wrong Show.

It woulda been interesting and a little exciting.
Ah well.


Did anyone else see the Steve Martin special on PBS last night?
Oh was it good! Steve was receiving The Mark Twain Humor Award for comedy at the Kennedy Center. Tom Hanks, Martin Short, Dave Barry and Larry David were especially funny in honoring Martin. Diane Keaton sang "The Way You Look Tonight." It was simply lovely.

Interested in reading more about the show? Read here.


I am using The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading by Jesse Wise with Katie this fall. Last night at dinner Katie started singing one of the little songs from the book.

Old McDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had an /a/
What an /a/, /a/, here...

(You get the drift:short vowel sounds)

I am very happy with this program for Katie. It fits her quite well.


So that's my life.
Still Quiet.

Encourage one another,

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