Friday, November 25, 2005

Life is just like that.


and the Beast.

Or as little curly haired Emma would have said it, "Booty and the Geist"


Do you ever have the tendency to focus on the bad things that happen...and those 'bad' things get so big, they kind of over shadow the good things?

As I have been sitting here this morning thinking about what I want to say...only the nagging little bad things from yesterday kept coming to mind;
unkind comments and burnt stuffing to name two.

But then I thought I will make a list of beautiful things and a list of beastly things...and I remembered all of the good things about our Thanksgiving day.

The Beautiful Things

The boys are home.
Matthew has a hair cut and a shave.
Patrick Jr. laughs outloud, a lot, when he watches television.
Patrick Sr. had someone to talk sports with.
Emma asked if I needed help. (a little late...but she asked on her own)
Our children and the cousins all went bowling after dinner.
We are healthy.
Matthew loves thanksgiving dinner. He is fun to cook for.
The Pumpkin pies and cheesecake were well liked.
Hubby has a job...and I am privileged to stay home with the children.

See...lots and lots of good stuff.

Too many good things to even consider the small beasties.

So there will be no list of Beasties.

Who needs it anyway.

No wonder God is always telling us to renew our minds...and caste our be thankful...

He's a pretty smart Guy.

Have you ever noticed the holidays give us unlimited ways to improve our character?
On to Christmas....

Encourage one another,

(By the way....I forgot the stuffing in the stove. I think it cooked about two hours.)

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