Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You must go see Alison's Thing One and Thing Two.
She designed and knit these darling costumes, and finished them just in time!

The Blue Blog

We had the most perfect night for trick or treating. The weather was warm (50's) and dry. I walked along with three other moms and Katie and her friends (mostly new friends...cause when you are Katie everyone is a potential friend) dashed from house to mom to next house with glee. The children really care about each piece of candy!
"It's a KitKat!"
"It's dark chocolate."
"It has nuts"

So exciting!

And aerobic ;o)

I was sure we would come home with holes in those brand new white tights. But, they survived without incident!

Clean bill of health :o)
No cavities....but one slightly wiggly bottom tooth.
Man, the excitement never ends around here :o)

I'm so thankful that I learned to enjoy the simple things in life from my mother.

I learned, every day has treasure just waiting to be found.
Treasures that would disappear if I forgot to look for them.

I hope you are looking for and appreciating the simple things your life has to offer!
(And for Alison that would be....Thing One and Thing Two! he he)


Encourage one another,

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