Monday, November 28, 2005


I got a Christmas picture this weekend.
It is not perfect.
I don't coordinate outfits anymore.
I don't take two rolls of film anymore.

I've gotten soft.

Katie is highly distractible so being the photographer for this bunch is a character builder. My husband walks around behind me ( sticking out his tongue and acting very juvenile) and I yell at him to get away!

This takes all the self-control I can muster.

I had enough self-control for eight photos this year.

This photo is my favorite of the big kids.
Katie's the blooper.
So we will not be using this particular photo.

I'll share the real photo closer to Christmas :o)

Do you send a Christmas photo?
Have you ever done a clever set-up?

How about posting one of your favorite Christmas pictures on your blog today (or soon, at least :o)

I'd like that :o)

Let me know if you post!

Encourage one another,

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