Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I think my blog should be called bittersweet. Because life is just so.

Today I will tell you about two things.

One so sweet and silly.

One so sad.

First the silly. My sister Cindy loves the Wienermobile. Loves it!
Cindy entered a contest to have a dream come true.

Guess what she asked for?

A ride on the Wienermobile!!!

She won!

And today is the big day. The Wienermobile is picking her up at her home, and driving her to school where she is a kindergarten teacher. Can you imagine the excitement???

How I wish I could be there to see Cindy in the Wienermobile!!!

Go Cindy Go!!! Do-do-do-do. (That's the Wienermobile whistle :o)

(I hope to have a picture of this for you all to see....and for me to see!)

Dreams do come true.
Silly, Sweet dreams :o)

And what can be more bitter than death?

I learned yesterday afternoon that our dear Aunt Betty died.
Aunt Betty was our mother's youngest sister.(60)

My heart is breaking over her passing.
She was such a spitfire!

She was passionate about life, and nature, and so warm and loving.

She was a lot like our mother.... and with her goes part of our mother.

She and our mother would laugh so hard over the morning funnies...
They were such good sisters.

A few years ago, Betty suffered a stroke and was homebound.

I blogged for her.

I blogged to encourage her and to share the comings and goings of our whole family.
I hoped she wouldn't be so lonely in Colorado...with a little, daily visit with family.

I am so sad that she is gone.

My hope is in the Lord.

My prayers are especially for Aunt Barb-her loving sister and Johnny and Kelly-Betty's children.

Ah life.

We must live it now.
Live it well.
Live it with love.

Encourage one another,

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