Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Very Exciting News

Do you remember the little blurb on the blog I wrote about Emma wishing to spread her wings....

Well, dear friend, Lynn in Wi, emailed me soon after she read that entry and mentioned that she knew a wonderful missionary family in England. Would Emma possibly be interested in a trip to England???

Since this whole idea just plopped in our laps... Emma and I had to give it some thought. Four days later we were ready to ask Lynn to talk to her friends. Which she did.

They were very open and willing to have Emma come to visit them!!!!

Emma and I have been emailing back and forth with the Waldeckers for the last three weeks...and....

I purchased the airline ticket yesterday!

Emma is definitely going to England this summer!!!

All of the details have fallen into place so well. Emma will just act as part of their family (six children) and do what they do...and serve where they serve...

She is excited....well, as excited as our calm Emma gets.

I'm the giddy one :op

We feel so blessed!!!

By the way, Emma will be in Manchester.

Have you been there?

Encourage one another,


My friend, Jeaneen, is in the hospital.
She has pancreatitis.

Please pray for healing and the ability to eat solid foods.

Peter and Jeaneen have five children...so Peter could use prayers too, I'm sure.

Lord, hear our prayer.

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