Thursday, April 20, 2006

No Pink Eye!


I awoke this morning without crusties and the redness is almost all gone!

Thank you for your concern, advice and prayers.

Here are the home remedies I tried;

I ran to Walgreens early in the day (before a few of the other suggestions came in) and bought Soft Contact Lens Solution for $3.99.
Around dinner time, I tried cotton balls soaked in boiled salted water. (I put them on my eye, I did not eat them for dinner :o)
Right before bed, Emma dropped some more Contact Lens Solution in my eyes. (We did both eyes just for good measure)

Let me tell you, Emma and I are not accustomed to putting things in our eyes. She laughed so hard at me because I jerked and blinked so violently when she came at me with those big drops :o)




It didn't take much to make us laugh last night.
We had the oddest, hysterical thing happen to us on the way home from Bible study.

We left our friend's home at about 9:30. Emma suggested she drive because my eye was looking droopy. We pulled onto the highway and were speeding along when suddenly an opossum scurried across the road. Emma shrieked and swerved.



"Oh gross! I've got guts on my hand" I yell frantically.

"What!" exclaims Emma, "How could that be?"

In the excitement of the moment, I thought the opossum guts had magically splattered through the shifting column...


I quickly realized that I was not covered with opossum guts...but Diet Dr. Pepper.

Emma laughed til her stomach hurt.

I dried myself off and giggled at my silliness.

Emma felt badly for the opossum, but I was just glad I was not covered in guts.

Encourage one another and drive safely :o)


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